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Thank-you fso much for stopping by at my site Life, Motherhood and Everything. I'm Angela and this is my website and blog.

So who am I?

I am a thirty-something living in Hertfordshire with my husband Sam (who also has a great website, Revado) and, since 2015, our daughter H. I originally hail from North Lincolnshire and made my way down South via Durham and Granada (in Spain) for University. I lived in London for a few years before Sam and I moved out to Herts in 2008. Since graduating in 2004 I have worked in IT for a major UK retailer, originally as a junior developer and now as a Solutions Architect.

What are my interests?

My active interests have changed a lot since becoming a mum; Time with daughter is one of my biggest pleasures in life. My garden is also a major hobby of mine; I love getting out in the fresh air and nurturing my plants and vegetables. I try and read as much as I can (one of the positives of a train commute!). I also enjoy passing away the time on my laptop coding parts of my website or adding content to my blog.
For years I was an active amateur competitive rower; I originally started rowing at university and took it back up when we moved to Herts. For 6 years I was a member of Broxbourne Rowing Club; I had more success in sport than I could have ever hoped whilst at the club. These days my fitness is not what it was, which is a bit dis-heartening. But I do as much as I can to stay healthy. Chasing a toddler round certainly helps!

How did this website come about??

My website has existing since 2006! Initially it was an opportunity to improve my coding skills. Sam bought me my first domain name for my birthday that year and it went from there. My first website was really basic with just a music section and some static pages.
In 2007 I introduced a blog, before blogging was even a massive thing! I built my own blogging capability which was really crude compared to the wonders of Wordpress (which I integrated into my site in 2012). But capturing my life on my site became a real joy for me and to this day I love reading back through the years!

When Sam and I got married in 2010, I renamed my site Then when H was born in 2015 my blog gained a new purpose: a way for me to share thoughts and experiences on motherhood along with anything and everything else.

What is it's purpose today?

In May 2016, after much deliberation, I rebranded my site to 'Life, Motherhood and Everything'. I wanted my brand to make it clear what my blog was about. I now blog more regularly and share and promote my posts through Twitter. My blog remains just for me though so any references to brands and products are purely my opinion; Nothing on my blog is sponsored. Motherhood is a massive part of my life, so a large proportion of my posts will centre around H and helping her grow. But I will blog about all other aspects of our life and everything else that takes my fancy. Hence the name!

How can you reach me?

I love to hear what people think of my site and it's contents. Comments are always welcomed on my blog and you can follow me on twitter to get notified on my latest blog posts. You can also drop me a line by email (angela [at] - replace '[at]' with '@'!). So please do get in touch.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and I hope you enjoy what you find!
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