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What we’ve been doing lately #3

It’s been a while since my last update and it’s been quite busy. The week after I posted, Sam had two weeks off work which was lovely. He spent the first week pottering at home with us, with Little H at nursery like normal. Then the Friday of that week and the following week we took a family holiday to Norfolk which I have written about separately. It was lovely to get away and I survived the stress and anxiety

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And then Little Z moved out

When Little H was small, she was a consistent one-feed-a-night lass from somewhere between 4 and 5 months. We also lived in a different house with space in our bedroom for the cot. So at about 4 months old, she graduated from the side-along crib to the cot at the end of the bed. Then after one incredibly noisy night where Little H was sound asleep but chuntering and grunting away to ensure we were wide awake, I declared it

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Four go to Norfolk

As a family we don’t go away much. Sam and I were always fairly reserved with our travel pre-parenthood and once we had Little H we couldn’t summon the energy to do it often! Last year we decided to make the effort to have a proper summer holiday and drove over to Holland. We all had a wonderful time and wanted to make sure we gave Little H and equally good holiday experience this year. But with Little Z now

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Time for a new look

My website as 12 years old and started out as some (now I’ve concluded) monstrous pink and purple creation with very limited content. It’s purpose was for me to learn to code. I developed it and grew it and changed to a more retina-friendly colour theme along the way. I moved to WordPress and relished the opportunity to build my own theme. Then I started to write more and share more. Overtime, my blog became more about the content than the

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Tales of Little Z – 4, 5 and 6 months

Six months already Little Z! How are we already at six months?! Time has genuinely flown. I’m tired and I’ve still not even started trying to get properly fit again. But I’m so grateful everyday that you are here. Every morning (yep, you’re still sleeping next to me because you insist on waking up lots for your milkies!) I wake up to a big giant grin. And every time I go and get you from your nap, you beam at me.

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What we’ve been doing lately #2


Today has been a good day. Little Z slept well last night waking only once. Yes, once! I don’t remember when that last happened. Then this morning she was at her happiest only to then nap for 2 and a half hours. Yes, two and a half hours! We went to a local friend’s home for lunch where she played in a different bouncer and mooched about a different floor. Then when we got home she had a feed and went for

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When the Control Freak lost control

Before you read the title and think I’ve gone off on some ‘Bad Moms’ type stunt, it’s not that sort of post. As much as it would be amusing to go wild like that* it’s neither in my nature nor something that I’d probably enjoy for long. No, this post is not about throwing my caution to the wind and releasing control. This is about control being yanked brutally away from me by my two young offspring. * The supermarket

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Your face

Little H, I was cleaning your teeth the other day when the sun caught your face. It made me cup your face in my hands and turn it up so I could look at you. To really look at one of my favourite faces in the whole world. Your soft young skin and toothpaste round your mouth. Your grey-blue eyes ever scrutinising the world. Your tiny nose wrinkling up as you ask me “What you doin’?”.

What we’ve been doing lately #1

It occurred to me the other day that I have stopped using my blog to simply just record what has been going on in life. Every post now seems to have a ‘topic’ which is fun but I want to be able to look back and remember what the day-to-day was like. So  I’m going to let myself get back to some general diary-esque writing again. Not least because the last few weeks have been a fun yet challenging in

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Yep, I’m fine. Thanks for asking.


I’ve drafted this post a number of times and after a couple of paragraphs I have sat back and wondered where in all the words I lost my point. So I’m going for third time lucky and heading directly to the aforementioned point – I feel like people have forgotten I’ve just had a baby far quicker because it’s my second child. I thought it was just me being a bit overly sensitive but I’ve seen comments on Instagram and

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