Edinburgh and other things

For the past few days Sam and I have been in Edinburgh for my sister’s graduation and, er, here follows the account of what happened (well bits of it anyway!): So, we’re sat on a train Edinburgh-bound to go to Jenny’s graduation tomorrow. Of course, our luck being as it is, we had to be travelling all the way to Scotland on the East Coast Mainline on the same week as torrential down pours in South Yorks! We have had

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A cold in June??

I have got a cold…in June! I never understand how people, generally, manage to get a cold during the summer months. I know that colds are really nothing to do with the weather, it just seems a bit un-natural when it’s sunny to be coughing and spluttering away. Although, hayfever, of course, goes hand in hand with summer and I think that is what has provoked said cold. Anyway, enough about colds. I’m feeling a bit better now so I

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Addition to the blog…

Another change to the ‘Blog’ feature of my site – now the main blog page only shows a portion of each entry, which makes it more readable I think. Actually, I wanted to add a ‘Title’ on to each entry as well. I might do that now, although I’m going to have to back date it :os

Not a great day

I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday :o( I’m so tired and I still have over half the week left to go – damn it! The weather has also come over a bit grim again – it was properly raining cats and dogs a few minutes ago… I’m having one of those weeks this week, where it feels like everything is deliberately working against you, even though it isn’t. I’m hoping that things will pick-up tomorrow and turn the week around.

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The end of the weekend

I can’t believe it’s Sunday night -the weekend has gone so fast, and we had Friday off! Seems to be the way of things, especially when Monday holds in store something you’re not looking forward to. Yes, tomorrow is the day of my…Spanish exam – duh duh duh! It is actually, if we’re being honest, the second part of my Spanish exam because we had the oral exams last week. Tomorrow is the listening, writing and grammar exams which unfortunately

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25 candles on the cake!

Today is my 25th birthday – I’m now (as of 7.57pm) officially a quarter of a century old – eeeshk! It’s been quite a good day. Normally I try and keep my birthday quiet. However, thanks to facebook people found out. My team were very kind and bought me some flowers, although took great pleasure in watching me have to collect them from reception and carry them back to my desk past the whole floor! Sam and I had a

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Even after a really long sleep, I’m still shattered! It was a really busy week last week and now I think I’m feeling the effects. Last Saturday we went off house-hunting again, as I think I mentioned, and saw a couple of houses that we liked. Anyway, we decided to arrange viewings for Tuesday night so we could get the train up and walk to them both. So, Sam arranged said viewings and we tried to forget about them both

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Not enough studying

So tired! Today has been so busy and Spanish was tough. I haven’t done anywhere near enough revision for my impending exam damn it! Oh well, two weeks of grammar on the train it is. Plus, my El PaÌ_s from this morning should provide me reading for the week! Anyway, to sleep…


The weekend was so warm – it felt like summer was finally on it’s way! We went out to Cliveden in Berkshire to make use of our National Trust membership. My family and I used to go there all the time when I was younger but I haven’t been back since I was 11 and we moved back up North. Anyway, we took a picnic (well, two cheese and pickle sandwiches and an apple) and then wandered around for a

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