Blood donation

I gave blood yesterday.  I try to give blood regularly; whilst it’s not the nicest experience, it is mostly pain-free and I always think, what if it were one of my family or friends that needed the blood.  There are so many people who don’t go.  I have to admit that it’s not the slickest of processes.  I booked an appointment and it still took about 50 mins for me to be seen, which is actually quicker than normal!  However,

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Time – again…

Time seems to be a recurring theme of my blogs – specifically the fact there is never as much of it as I would like!  As is often the case, the reason this has come to mind again is because of rowing.  Yesterday, four of the girls in my squad won at Lea Spring Regatta.  I’m really pleased for them but it got me to thinking about how I still haven’t won anything – in fact I have won very

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This is my first blog via iPhone although sadly it’s Sam’s still because I don’t have one yet 🙁 It is only a brief post because it’s the morning after our friend’s wedding and we’re hungry!


Not long now until I will be able to get my iPhone!  I’m very excited.  I know it’s sad to be excited about a phone, but I don’t care!  Hopefully when I have it I will actually update my blog more.  I seem to find myself with a need to blog whenever there isn’t a computer to hand, but plonk me in front of a screen and I don’t know what to say!  Unfortunately my current phone isn’t so good

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Only three more days until a four day weekend!

I’m so not in a work place at the moment!  After having Monday off last week and then being off sick last (stomach bug, not a cold this time…) on Wednesday and Friday afternoon (with an attempt at w@h on Thurs), it feels like forever since I did a full day of work.  To be honest, I didn’t really miss it 🙂  Plus the weather is really improving now so it’s so nice to be outside in the fresh air! 

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