Just another Manic Monday…almost!

Another weekend almost over – boo. It’s been quite a good one though – again very productive! I like having a productive weekend; it makes me feel motivated and in a good place for the week ahead. What was good about this weekend was I actually had time to do some ‘me’ things like reading my book and having a bath. I also enjoyed a nice meal of mussels on Saturday whilst Sam was out at a Uni reunion. Yum!

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New iPhone behaviour!

I have just added a new form on my admin section to allow me to add plain text blog entries without having to manually tag everything in HTML! Now this may not sound hugel exciting but it is really tedious having to continually enter paragraph tags, especially since there is no copy’n’paste function yet! So, let’s add a new paragraph… …just for the hell of it – hehe!

No, no, no, I won’t got to work…

So, after a full working week of holiday followed by a sneaky bank holiday tagged on the end, we have finally reached the night before work – boo! It has been an excellent 10 days though. I really needed the break and the Lake District was so nice and quiet, it was ideal. Whilst all of the villages out there are so far from quite big towns, there are other things to occupy the time. We barely watched any TV

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Still a novice

We raced at Bedford today. We got through the first round (a semi) only to be thrashed in the final by Reading. It’s so disappointing – I really wanted to win and for Jane and I to finally lose our novices. Clearly today it was not meant to be. I’m shattered now though but finally have my iPhone which is very exciting!!

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About Me

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