The year that was 2009 – a summary

I felt a need to do a quick review of 2009 because it hasn’t been a bad year.  It’s mainly going to be pictures and links I think, but we’ll see what happens!  So, the year started rather quietly as always and (I think) I decorated our bedroom using some of my left over holiday days! As we moved in to February, we were hit by some major snow days which pretty much brought the country to a stand still!

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Home sweet home

We got back home yesterday after our Christmas visits. We had really enjoyable visits this Christmas but I must say, it’s good to be home! Yesterday we went and did a big food shop. I then did my customary cupboard and fridge clean before having a lovely long soak in the evening, accompanied by my January edition of Astronomy Now! Today has been uber rainy so aside from going and propping up a plant in the garden and going to

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Winter wildlife

We’ve just got back from a walk around Malden Manor and we saw a woodpecker tapping away in a tree! I love seeing exciting animals! It’s pretty nippy outside though. Not as cold as before Christmas but still nippy. Time for a nice cup of tea now 🙂

Why can’t the UK cope with snow?

We had snow last night. It settled. Today trains were delayed and people couldn’t get to work because of the roads being block. Being the sceptic that I am, I don’t think a lot of people tried. But even so, how is it that only 3-4 inches of snow can cause so much disruption?! I am not a massive fan of snow when I have to go places and do things. So, I was in a grump last night despite

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