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December 31, 2010 at 4:00 pm by Angela

So, another year has gone, can you believe it?! It doesn’t seem like 12 months ago since I was sat here writing my review of 2009. I’m having to drag my mind back to the start of the year in order to start and I’m finding it a bit tough!

Ok, so I shall start in the most logical place which is January. As one might expect, it was a rather quiet month. We went for a trip up to Leeds in early January for our friend Clare’s birthday. We went to visit my friend Jenny in her new house as well. The weather was really snowy in January all over the country and Leeds was no exception. We had some fun times trying to push Clare and Matt’s car up a hill in the snow. In the end a passer by in a truck gave them a tow! Rowing training was also tough at this point in the year – the cold and the walking to and from the station were energy zapping.

Moving in to February and the weather started to pick-up a bit. However, things with us remained quite quiet. I raced at Peterborough Head which was my debut in the stroke seat. Whilst it went quite well, the wait for the race was truely awful (an hour in the freezing cold) so it doesn’t hold happy memories. We then raced a few weeks later at Nottingham Head of the Trent. We also went on a day trip to a nearby house called ‘Benington Lordship’ to look at the snow drops.


In March, it was the usual Women’s Head of the River Race on Sat 19. With the completion of that race, I got to indulge in a long awaiting chocolate eclair (see relevant blog post for details!) Later in the month, Sam and I went on holiday for a week to Madrid. We rented a little apartment in the centre of the city which meant we were close to everything. It sadly meant a lot of noise too, but you win some, you lose some! Anyway, whilst we were there, we got engaged which started off much fun and games for the rest of the year!


In April I went away on training camp to Chester for 3 days. It was a fun but tiring weekend. When I got back, it was Sam’s birthday so we went for a nice meal out. It was a quiet one for him this year though. Then in May we started researching wedding venues and all such things. We ultimately settled on a hotel in Elstree called The Edgwarebury. It is a really beautiful old Tudor building from the 1500s.


I also started sorting out my dress, which I was going to have made by a lovely and very talented dress maker in Welwyn Garden City – Rebecca Cole of Made By Rebecca. We also ramped up our training for the British Heart Foundation London to Brighton Bike Ride. This included our longest ride of over 40 miles cycling to Letchworth and back!


I also saw the Hogwarts Express in Kings Cross!


In June it was my birthday and Sam took me to Butterfly World for an afternoon outing. There were a lot of beautiful wild flowers and some amazing butterflies.


We also did the London to Brighton bike ride, starting at 6:30am on Clapham Common and finishing at some point around 2 – 3pm. There was an incident which forced a 1.5 hour stoppage so our cycling time over all was about 5 hours. Not bad!


In July, there was some racing and Lou, Anne-Marie, Ruth and I won WIM1.4+ at Bedford Quarts with Sarah coxing. We got a big quarts pot to add to our collections. A few weeks later, it was time for St Neots regatta. Lou and I raced our double again and after some pretty tough races, we beat Barnes Bridge Ladies in the final to go on and lose our sculling novices! Another happy day at St Neots. This was also the summer of racing duck who had his second win!



In August, we raced again at Sudbury and Peterborough, both times in the double. We were very close to victory in the WIM3.2x at Sudbury but some bad steering on my part meant we lost. At Peterborough, the weather was awful so I’m sure we even really tried and got knocked out in the heats! At Sudbury though, I had my first Masters win in WMasA.4+ with Lizzie, Anne-Marie and Amy. No points but got some pewter! For the bank holiday weekend, Sam and I returned to Paris again like last year, but this time to spend the weekend solely with Carol. We did many things and had a lovely relaxing 3 days!


In September, I took over the Vice Captains role for the Senior Womens squad at rowing which, essentially, just meant more admin for me to do! I was still doing my entries and work was busy, so it was quite a stressful time. We continued doing wedding preparations as the day grew ever closer. We did manage to squeeze in a 25 mile bike ride on Foulness island though!


Lots of work and wedding prep continued in to October and I had to work late on quite a few nights. The weather also started to get colder making rowing less and less inviting, especially on Monday nights! Lou organised me a ‘Non-Hen Do’ which involved a fun afternoon of Go Karting followed by pizza, chatting and playing Wii games (primarily ‘Just Dance’).


In November, my project finally went live and only two weeks later Sam and I got married! Apart from some stress where the cars didn’t arrive to collect me (we piled in to Dad’s Audi) the day went swimmingly and we had a wonderful time. The first set of pictures can be found on Revado and will be added to in the New Year!


After the wedding, we went to Malta for a week and had a wonderfully relaxing honeymoon. We hired a car so we could tour the island and enjoyed some 5 star luxury! I also had my first massage at the hotel spa! Again, photos on Revado


Then we reached December and the build up to Christmas. After getting back to work for a week, I was struck down with flu and a horrible cough that accompanied it. By the time that had cleared up, it was almost Christmas Day! The snow struck the weekend before, causing mayhem. But we got everything we needed and Sam’s parents and Sophie made it to our house. The turkey cooking went well and everyone enjoyed the meal. All in all, a top notch Christmas was had by all!



So, I find myself up to date and on the cusp of 2011. Another excellent year with many lovely memories.

Let’s hope 2011 is even better! Happy New Year everyone!

December 28, 2010 at 11:58 am by Angela

We went in to Welwyn early this morning and even though it was before 10, it was horrible – sale time. I really don’t enjoy the sales. Plus, some of the most highly regarded sales are at JL & M&S. However, we can’t get our discount on reduced stock so it’s actually cheaper for us to buy full priced goods and get discount. It does mean we have to miss the scrum of shoppers but, sometimes you have to sacrifice these experiences!

Anyway, we are home now and I am watching the final Dr Who from series 4. Sam’s parents got me the box set for Christmas. I like the final episode because it has the whole gang in it: Rose, Donna, Martha, Jack, Mickey, Jacqui and Sarah-Jane. I do need another cup of tea though!

December 27, 2010 at 8:07 pm by Angela

Just got 14 eBooks for my Kindle for about £10! Not only do they have a range for only £1 for the 12 Days of Christmas but there were some free classics! Bonza!

December 25, 2010 at 5:10 pm by Angela

It’s Christmas Day and Sam has bought me a Kindle! It has a web browser in it so I am doing the obligatory blog post. Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2010 at 1:16 pm by Angela

And peace seems to have been restored to the work place.  The system is working and has been running as per normal for over 24 hours now so feeling happier about it.  It is amazing how it drains you though – I am feeling shattered today and have a splitting headache.  Well, it’s not quite that bad but it does hurt! 🙂

Most people finish work today, if they haven’t already, and I am jealous.  Of course, after all of the drama this week, I have accrued quite a number of work hours.  So, I am planning on seeing if I can get away around 2:30 / 3 pm tomorrow.  We are having our first Christmas at home and Sam’s family are coming over.  But tomorrow night we are starting our festive fun with a Bushey Green curry with Rob ‘n’ Jo.  Good times!

December 22, 2010 at 10:46 pm by Angela

Today has been better. Still most tiring but things seem to have settled down and we *might* know why. Still spent the day frantically working because we need contingency for over Christmas, but it’s better than it was. I still got home late though and missed my training again. Slightly less exhausted but feeling sleepy after a nice relaxing hot bath.

Infuriating reduced timetable tomorrow. Supposidly it’s due to a shortage of trains after the cold weather. Yet, it has been fine today. The cynic in me can’t help speculating it’s more to do with the fact it’s two days before Christmas. Hmmm…

December 21, 2010 at 8:53 pm by Angela

Today has to have been the worst day I have had in quite some weeks. In fact, since the middle of October! Work has been a nightmare and we haven’t got everything fixed either. I literally didn’t leave my desk from 9am until 5:30. Sam (from my team, not husband Sam) had to go and get my lunch and bring me tea. Bad bad times. Then the trains & trains were messed up on the way home after the journey to work had also been slow. I got a taxi home because I was so worn out. Just sitting now…

December 18, 2010 at 8:48 pm by Angela

So, my website has been rebranded and is now!  Let’s hope I haven’t missed anything.  Oooh, about me page…  Oh and it snowed today!

December 14, 2010 at 1:39 pm by Angela

The general consensus of Sam, Lou, Mum and Sam’s Mum is that I have the flu. I progressively got worse on Sunday and felt pretty shocking yesterday. I spent most of the day on the sofa apart from an afternoon nap which made me feel worse in the short term 🙁

Today I am feeling slightly better I am pleased to say. Although now the limbs are less weary, the cough is back (and I won’t go in to detail there) but the coughing is tiring me out. I hate being ill. I am hoping tomorrow that I might be ok to work from home and be of a decent level of productivity. I have all but written off much training until mid-next week though. Can understand why they say you need two weeks to recover from coughs & flu before training – you can eat so little, you are drained of all energy! Oh well, day 4 so sure I’ll be well again soon…

December 12, 2010 at 8:25 am by Angela

I have got a cough – boo. It ony vaguely started on Friday night. I tried my luck rowing yesterday but instead of helping (sometimes it does), it made it worse. I spent most of yesterday on the sofa an had to miss Lou and Graham’s Christmas BBQ. Slept almost straight through for 9 hours last night, but feeling a bit wheezy and heady this morning. Going to re-locate back to my sofa!

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