Blog Post 18-04-2010

So it’s been sometime since my last blog entry.  Things have been so busy lately that I have just lost the inspiration to sit and write!  We’ve been really busy over the last few weeks though with wedding prep.  So, after a good weekend at training camp in the middle of April (which was a great weekend – 8+, 4+, 4x- and 2- with some PROPER strokes!), it was Sam’s birthday and we went for a nice meal.  I then

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Blog Post 08-04-2010

I thought it had been longer since I last blogged, but it appears to have only been a week.  I suppose the last one was just a little ‘un so it had slipped my mind!  It has been a moderate week; nothing particularly eventful has happened and I have generally been feeling rather lethargic and, at work, unenthused!  (That should be not be taken as I have or am not doing work – I have lots and am still working

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Blog Post 04-04-2010

I have some how managed to miss this so far, but there is this Bill going through parliment at the moment called the Digital Economy Bill.  Not sure I like the sound of it, and I’m not someone who file-shares!

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