Blog Post 27-03-2011

I officially move to my new team tomorrow. Despite really looking forward to it, I will confess to having a few nerves. However, I would be worried if I wasn’t feeling that way – in the same way as my racing, without nerves it implies complacency and / or arrogance. Both are traits which are your friend in small doses, but too much can lead to ones downfall. Despite having done some work for my new project already, I am

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Blog Post 23-03-2011

I believe that I know myself very well. I don’t mean that in the obvious way, but in the sense that I know how I will react to things, why I react that way (even if I cannot change it) and I am honest with myself about my strengths and weaknesses. Of course I will be blind or disillusioned about some things, but I think I acknowledge my traits more than a lot of people acknowledge theirs. That said, there

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Blog Post 20-03-2011

So WeHoRR, and the weekend, have been and gone.  It has been a great but tiring two days.  I have run out of time to write the post I wanted.  Perhaps I will have time tomorrow, though probably not.  Sam has uploaded some photos on to his website, so check them out!  Also, I have put some new random shots on my flickr which are also worth a peek!

It’s WeHoRR tomorrow!

It’s WeHoRR tomorrow! Eeek! Time has gone so fast, I cannot believe it. In some ways that is good because I have dwelled on the race too much. However, the reality is hitting home and those pre-race nerves are arriving. I think my body has been well aware of it because I have been very lethargic all day. If it thinks it’s going to get out of it though… 😉 The race doesn’t start until 3:30pm, with our boating slot

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Blog Post 17-03-2011

Why is it that, whenever one has a delivery or collection booked, one always ends up at the end of the round.  I sound very formal using ‘one’, but I want to make it clear that this seems to happen to everybody.  Regardless of where I have lived or what I have been having deliveried or collected, I always seem to spend the entire day sitting around…waiting. The only exception to this of course, was when we had our Gift

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Blog Post 13-03-2011

Following slightly from my blog post earlier today, Sam and I watched ‘The Making of The Social Network’ on the special features disc.  It was really interesting actually – one of the better special features programmes I have seen.  It is amazing the attention to detail that went in to portraying that film.  If you’ve seen the film, it’s worth a watch.  If you haven’t seen the film, watch the film.

Twitter vs Facebook – which is best?

We watched ‘The Social Network’ again on Friday night (see our Shorties on Revado) and, despite reminding me that I disagreed with some of the Oscar nominations, it also got me thinking about Facebook vs. Twitter again.  It is a topic I have pondered over many times and I think over the last 6 months my view has actually changed. Like most people, I joined Facebook first; I was invited or lured in by friends.  I don’t like to miss

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Blog Post 11-03-2011

My cold has almost gone – hurrah!  Unfortunately I think that Sam has got it because he is on the train heading home from a day away and is feeling rubbish.  This is not good.  But, it’s the weekend which means he can rest at least.  It has been one busy week.  I am starting to get in to work for my new team and there is so much to take in and understand.  I know it’s going to be

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Blog Post 10-03-2011

Bah, I have got a cold! I am most annoyed. But it feels like it’s passing already so that is a positive. Also, it’s this week, not next week right before WeHoRR which have been bad! It was fought as work today as a result though; you spend the whole day sniffling away and going back and forth to wash your hands. Well, maybe not everyone does but I tried and not spread horrid germs all over the building! Sam

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Blog Post 08-03-2011

There are some occasions where you feel completely unsupported by someone who should be supporting you. I would like to make it clear up front that I am not referring to Sam here! Rather people in a work context or similar. It’s very hard to address those situations. You can talk to people but often then does not help. I guess at work you can sometimes escalate it upwards. However, my current predicament is not a work one and I

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