Taking the time for some Slow Parenting

Over the summer I came across a blog post from parent blogger Jo Goddard (acupofjo.com) on the topic of Slow Parenting. It wasn’t something I’d heard of really but I was intrigued. Only 10 months in to ‘being a parent’ I know that I don’t subscribe to religiously following any type of parenting methodology. But I do think that help and guidance can be lifted from most things. Jo’s post certain struck a chord with me.

9 things to do on Maternity Leave

I was reading a blog post by a blogger called Kate Gregory the other day. She was musing over 8 things she would like to go back and tell herself as a new Mum. It chimed with me not only because I would want to tell my February-self similar things, but also because as my Maternity Leave starts to reach it’s end, I am reflecting on what I have done with my time and what I wish I’d done more

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Do you really “work in tech”?

I bought a copy of November’s Marie Claire the other day for a bit of light reading. It happened to be the edition which included their bi-annual Marie Claire @ Work feature and it had a few articles on the topic of ‘tech’ at work. Working in that area I was obviously interested but the first article I found really rubbed me up the wrong way. It was a feature on Sophia Amoruso who founded Nasty Gal clothing; The headline

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Night frights

After H was born, all I wanted to do was sleep. I wasn’t greedy in my desires – I only wanted a few consecutive hours. But it didn’t happen. I was exhausted from giving birth and from a stomach virus I’d caught in hospital but her needs came first to the extent where after feeding her I’d literally collapse asleep on the bed unable to soothe her as she cried, struggling to sleep.

Trying my hand at Falconry

A few weeks ago I had an afternoon away from parenting and went on a ‘Birds of Prey Experience‘ at Westmill Farm near Ware. It was a birthday gift from my In-Laws and I’d booked it for quite far out so that it would be easier to leave H with Sam. Ironically she wasn’t in a happy mood that day and I was running late so I ended up really not wanting to go. But I’m glad I did because

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