30 Days Blogging – Day 16: Me and my smartphone

I’m a blogger, a techie, a mum and a commuter. So I think it’d be a safe bet to assume I own a smartphone. To me these amazing devices are a blessing and a curse. They are a distraction when I need to kill time but also when I should be focusing on more important things. They have helped me out in a scrape on more occasions than I can count, yet make me too quick to turn to Google for help. They have allowed me to capture so many pictures of Little H growing up but to the extent I have more than I know what do with!

My first smartphone

My first ever ‘smartphone’ was a T-Mobile MDA Vario PDA. It wasn’t a smartphone as we know them today but it opened my eyes to how awesome it was to have a device that did more than just calling. It had a pop-out keyboard so I could draft blog posts on-the-go. It had a browser so that I could do things online. But this was the days before app stores. It was the days before 3G so I could only use it on WiFi. So after 18 months, I swapped back to a conventional phone and bided my time until…

The future was born!

…the iPhone. Oh my was that a revelation. Whilst Sam resisted saying he didn’t see the point, the moment the iPhone 3G was released, I got one! It was a-maz-ing! Being able to browse the internet properly whilst out and about was a revelation. The world started developing apps to do anything and everything. Sam was soon brought over to The Dark Side. Over the next 6 years I stayed committed to Apple, moving to the iPhone4 and then the iPhone5.

Going Android

November 2014 rolled around though and I was bored of my iPhone. It was always the same-old-same-old. Same functionality in a slightly fancier box. I was heavily pregnant and I wanted something different. So I jumped ship and moved to Android! Unlike back in early iPhone days where it had been a bit unstable, Android was a major competitor to iOS and I felt it deserved a try. So I went with the waterproof Sony Xperia Z3 Compact; waterproof felt like a great idea with a new baby about to enter our lives.

What I’m using today

I would have stuck with my Sony indefinitely except at the, err, ripe old age of 26 months the top of the screen broke and I couldn’t swipe down on anything. So I upgraded with a heavy heart. After much research I went with the Samsung S7. Which is where you find me today and very happy with my choice I am! It’s a solid, quality device and it’s such a nice device to use. In fact just over a week ago I was distraught when I tripped over outside my office and (in addition to some severe bruising) broke the screen on my phone! It’s now fixed but…well…it caused a lot of upset!

My reality of owning a smartphone

I use my phone a lot. Probably more than I should, although less than most other people. Like every other blogger, it’s my main method for keeping in touch with social media, tweaking blog posts and snapping pics. Where I find my phone invaluable though is as a way for Little H’s nursery carers to always reach me if there is a problem. I can’t imagine being a working and commuting mother without knowing they can reach me easily.

However, it it’s a continual struggle not to overuse my phone and let it dominate my life. I turn off notifications in apps. I keep my volume down when I don’t need to hear it ring. I leave it on the sideboard unless I’m using it so that Little H doesn’t always see my on my phone. We stick to a ‘No phones after 10pm’ rule and we have apps on our phone to suppress blue light as the evening draws in. But there are still times when I realise I’ve been immersed in one app or another when I only picked it up to check the weather!

My smartphone is something I have come to expect in my bag. I am accustomed to being able to look anything I need to up whenever I want. Sometimes I wonder what it must have been like in an era before smartphones, when it was easier to switch off. Occasionally I find myself a little envious. But for me the pros outway the cons. And whilst I could live without a smartphone, it’s not something I’d willingly give up.

Could you live without your smart phone? What do you use it for the most? How do you combat bad habits / smartphone addiction?

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28 comments On 30 Days Blogging – Day 16: Me and my smartphone

  • Momoftwolittlegirls

    I could not live without mine. I started off on blackberry but now am iPhone all the way!

  • I definitely couldn’t live without mine. Maybe that should be wouldn’t live without mine… Smartphones haven’t always been as advanced as they are today and people managed to live just fine..! I love the ease and convenience a smart phone brings but it is hard to put them down isn’t it. I think they affect our memories though – we don’t have to remember numbers, dates, appointments etc because our phone tells us, and if we dont know the answers, they are only a click or two away. There are definitely pros and cons to smart phones but I won’t be giving up mine anytime soon.. #marvmondays
    Sam – StressyMama recently posted…10 Ways I’m Rocking Motherhood… #RockingMotherhoodMy Profile

    • You’re so right about our memories. I used to recall all of my friends phone numbers from memory. In fact, they are still in there even though they moved out years ago! A few years ago I insisted my husband learn my phone number. Haha! Thanks for reading xx

  • I agree that the pros outweigh the cons, and in a modern world I definitely couldn’t be without mine! Afraid to say I’m totally indoctrinated to the Apple way of life though! Anything else feels totally alien! #MarvMondays

    • My husband has recently converted back to Apple! But we’re both techies through-and-through so we like to chop, change and try it all! Glad I’m not the only one who can’t live without their phone. Thanks for reading xx

  • I definitely use my phone too much but its hard not to when its the answer to everything, news, weather, banking, recipe book oh and instagram!!! I am also a samsung fan! Thanks for joining us for #marvmondays x

    • I know! It’s such a quick solution in this time short life. I’m trying to be strong enough to step away when the crowd still use them heavily but I often break. Especially because I want to engage with the blogging community! Tricky… Thanks for reading x

  • Smartphones are amazing tech I use the iPhone and wouldn’t use anything else my life is on it lol #dreamteam

  • #dreamteam I like to try, I’m not technical at all so I’m 100% made for the iPhone. I love it and I do find that over use is an issue at times. I try to be good. Maybe I might take a summer break from it and diarise how it goes?

  • My first was a Blackberry and since then I’ve had a combination of Android and IPhone. I’m definitely an iPhone girl though so these days I stick to what I know! #dreamteam

    • I think you ‘invest’ in a certain type of phone so it’s hard to change between Android and Apple once you’ve got all the apps etc. I never had a Blackberry but they were too fiddly for me! Thanks for reading x

  • I use my phone WAY too much, mostly for social media/WhatsApp. I really need to be better about putting it aside so I can focus on, you know, actual people. I have my husband’s old Sony phone because my iPhone broke, and I actually prefer it. #DreamTeam
    The Squirmy Popple recently posted…Why women deserve better maternity payMy Profile

    • Yeh the Sony phones are really quite nice. Mine served me really well for the early time with my daughter. It survived a number of drops too! Yeh it’s so tough to break the habit. I have a friend who has gone back to a billy-basic phone for weekends! Thanks for reading x

  • My phone and I are love hate! I use it most for photos, which I love, but also hate having my phone constantly in my hand! I have just purchased a camera in the hope of breaking this cycle. Being conscious of usage is definitely a start- I was facinated to read about how the hormone spikes of adrenaline hit our brain when a message pings in.
    Jo recently posted…Dear Premmie Mum; it’s Okay to not be OkayMy Profile

    • Yes I read that too and it’s so interesting – that receiving a message becomes an addiction. I once installed and app (Break Free) that tracked usage and for weeks I came out as green for low use. I thought I used it loads so I shudder to think what red is! Thanks for reading xx

  • I couldn’t live without mine. My name is Mrs Lighty and I have a smartphone addiction! Interested to hear that you’ve stuck to android after being with Apple for so long. I briefly had a Microsoft phone in between Apple phones, but it wasn’t for me. But maybe I should try a proper Android phone?! Thanks so much for linking this up with #DreamTeam.
    Mrs Lighty recently posted…#DreamTeam Linky – Week 50My Profile

    • Android is awesome now. More options that iPhone where it’s a bit more ‘get what you’re given’ to make it easier. But I enjoyed switching to Android after so long on iOS. Thanks for reading x

  • I’m definitely guilty of being attached to my phone! But I think that’s the reality of modern life – it’s your lifeline to everything! Even my son’s nursery now do everything through an app – you can see pictures and information about what he’s been doing that day, what he’s eaten, how long he’s slept for – it’s brilliant. I do keep my phone on silent though, and only pick it up when I have time to go through things. But of course I get accused of not answering my phone when people call – but who actually calls anyone these days?! #FamilyFun
    Katy – Hot Pink Wellingtons recently posted…Living Arrows 15/52My Profile

    • That’s good that you keep your phone on silent. It’s nice to try and stop it interrupting your day. I also get grief for not picking-up calls. But I figure if it’s important then leave a voicemail. Thanks for reading x

  • My first was my trusty old Blackberry. Man, I loved that phone. And then I entered the world of Apple and I am here for life. I am addicted. There, I said it. I’ve recently bought a MacBook and am in complete awe that everything is synced and is where I want when I need it. It is saving me so much time. I seriously can’t imagine life without my iPhone. That is sad I know, but true.
    Jaki recently posted…Clear Rejection – Wednesday Wisdom 22My Profile

    • Yeh that is one of the awesome features of going completely Apple! I really enjoy my Android phone but I absolutely could not live without my MacBook. Thanks for reading x

  • Oh interesting post. I am an iPhone girl and a total addict. I have an iPhone because I find them so easy and it talks to my iPad and my mac but I have always wondered if the things I hear about the Samsung being better are true. Not being very techie it may well all be lost on me. I am very impressed at your ability to leave it not the side. I this me with a pang of guilt as I definitely over use mine and certainly need to cut back, especially around the kids. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

    • I often leave it on the side now to make sure I don’t drop it after various bumps and the ‘screen smashing’ incident of a few weeks ago. I think Samsung and iPhone are on a par overall (good and bad points on both) so if you love your iphone then stick with your iphone 😉 Thanks for reading as always x

  • I am an iPhone girl through and through! I started with the 3GS and am now on the 7. About 5 years ago I did try a Blackberry but I lasted one month before I went back to my iPhone! #MarvMondays

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