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On Saturday H decided to have a long nap after lunch. Sam was busy on his laptop so I decided to spend some time on mine, to take a break from house work and tidying. It’s been quite some time since I’ve done that. In fact I think it was in the week or so before H was born that I really spent any proper time on my laptop (in a last ditch attempt to get my site converted to mysqli before I never had time to do web development again and a php upgrade could eventually render my website functionless!). It was a really enjoyable couple of hours and it felt really nice to take some proper me time.

Of course I have spent time on my laptop over the last six months but the reason this was “special” is because I spent some time playing with my website again rather than doing finances or email admin. I didn’t do anything major but just a few tweaks:

  • Every now and then I look at my sight and think that the font isn’t sharp enough because the brown isn’t quite as dark as it should be. I don’t want to go black and white but I do like the ‘crispness’ of it when I read other people’s blogs. So I changed my font and header colours from…

    this brown to…

    …this brown.

    Minor I know but I think I’m happier it’s easier to read. Although I can’t now decide if I think it’s too dark! I happened upon this great site, colourhexa.com, which showed the monochromatic colour scale for the original brown so I went two shades darker. I might need to play and see if it needs to be just one!

  • I also tweaked my blog home page to only show part of each post on the index page. I had previously had the entire blog post shown but that meant that sometimes a lot of scrolling was needed in order to see the other nine shown, which doesn’t make it easy for people to read other things I have written.

    Blog Index

  • One of the things that has really bothered me over the last few months when reading other people’s blogs is when the search function is hidden away at the bottom of the navigation bar. Then when looking at my site, lo-and-behold, mine was right at the bottom, right down there at the bottom of the lengthy year / month archive list. So some minor tweaks and I’ve moved it to somewhere much more accessible!


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