Blog Post 22-08-2010

Two entries in one day – a miracle!  I’m sure it won’t last.  Anyway, I have just been experimenting with Google docs properly.  I have used it before to view attachments but I have never uploaded or created anything myself.  Because I am always working across PCs, there are some spreadsheets it is a pain not to have to hand.  So, I figured that it would be wise to upload one of them to google docs so I can amend it at work or at home.  Of course I would never upload any very secure information, but this isn’t sensitive in any way.  The best part about google docs is that there is an option to share the spreadsheet.  So, in much the same was as with doodle polls, you can get people to update it for you.  Of course, doodle doesn’t need a username / account, which google docs does.  So, whilst the whole concept of cloud computing is still growing on me, this is one of the biggest challenges in my opinion – how do you get people to fully adopt it without having to have 101 different accounts for things?  How do you consolidate information effectively?  Sure there must be something on Mashable or GigaOM about this…

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