Device overload?!

Apple have launched the iPad Mini today. As always with Apple, the device is quite stunning – slick and shiney; It doesn’t look cheap and, to be honest, it doesn’t come cheap. Aside from the people who are Die-Hard Apple Boycotters, you cannot help but want one. The very fact that Apple have gone to the effort of making a smaller version of it’s world dominating tablet strongly indicates there is a market for it. But, as always with these launches, I find myself asking where the gap is in my life for this latest accessory.

My last two phones have been iPhones and about a year ago, I converted over to a MacBook Air for my personal laptop. It may sound a bit corny and geeky but even now, I love my thin, speedy little Air. It genuinely makes me quite happy. I also get good use from my phone. Being a commuter, I use it to check the news on the train. I use it to send mails. I am a relatively big user of social media. It has also absolutely and completely replaced a paper diary. We also have an iPad for ‘bigger screen’ browsing, videos etc. So, where would I fit an iPad mini in to my life. Not sure I could. It’s not as portable as a phone, but the screen is smaller than it’s iPad big brother.

Obviously there is an audience who have been dying for an Apple tablet but for whom the normal iPad is a bit weighty to carry round. They will be delighted by today’s news. However, what I fear is that the normal ‘Apple Excitement’ will take hold and people will just by a Mini for the sake of having a Mini, leaving their relatively new iPad 3 (which replaced the perfectly functional iPad 2 last year) sitting woefully at the side lines. Or perhaps I am being too harsh. After all, they have launched a new and improved iPad today as well – choices, choices.

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