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On Friday, I noticed something quite shocking when looking at the mobile version of my blog – it has adverts popping-up at the bottom. Adverts. Adverts!


This upset me. As users of my site may have noticed, it’s only the blog section which has a mobile version – everything else is just a re-size of the main site. The thought of having to build an entire mobile site from the ground-up seemed like a lot of effort (especially when I wanted it there and then), so I got a well reviewed wordpress plug-in. It was free, of course. When I first implemented it, there were no adverts. However, they must have been introduced as part of a patch release. Serves me right for not reading the release notes! I guess they have to make some money, but I don’t really like having adverts outside of my control affiliated with my site.

So, it prompted me to do something I probably should have done ages ago, but was too lazy to do. I am building my own mobile site. Thanks to some nifty open source code on github, called Mobile-Detect, it was quick and easy to work out the client device. After that, it was just a matter of styling.

I have started with some of the simpler pages which are either flat content, or just un-parse an XML file in to a single page. So far, so good. I have yet to tackle the more complex aspects of my site though where there are filtering and search options. Both my blog and my music sections will prove more of a challenge, not least because I need to design them properly. But now I have started, I am getting quite in to it, so it’ll be a nice little pass-time for the next few weeks.

None of the new code is easily accesible on my live site yet, but here a couple of screen shots to give a glimpse of the look and feel. Stay posted!

Top Nav and Top Menu

Main Menu moved to the bottom to not take up prime ‘real estate’

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