iOS7 – am I excited about it?

I have been an iPhone user for years. However, since Sam got an android phone last year and I got an android tablet earlier this year, I have been learning to enjoy android a lot more. I have no plans to jump ship to an android phone just yet (I don’t change phones until my contract ends, which is not for some time) but I have felt for sometime that iOS is lagging behind Android and, dare I say it, Windows 7 (in some ways).

Today, iOS7 was previewed and announced for the autumn. I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting or hoping for – just that I, perhaps unfairly, wanted to be impressed. From what I have seen, I am looking forward to Apple’s release later this year. There is a typical Apple film explaining iOS7, along with some supporting ‘blurb‘ and videos on their website. The overall design looks fresh and clean. iOS has always had quite a dark look-and-feel; What Apple have done is almost reverse the colour pallet: where it was black, it’s not white and translucent; where it was shadowed and ‘3D-ed’, it is now flat and sharp. It has also completely re-visited how users interact with their phones. When iOS came out, it was leading edge. But people have grown accustomed to smart phones and their demands and expectations have evolved. Some of the features I am most anticipating though are:

  • Notification Centre on lock screen
  • Control Centre on the swipe-up for quick turn on/off of bluetooth etc
  • Safari tabs having a nice visual scroll

Of course, I completely agree with some of the comments made in and on this TechCrunch article. There is very little that Apple are presenting which hasn’t been done somewhere else. A lot of the features they are singing about, including the look-and-feel, have been done across other devices. However, I suppose the key is that Apple has brought all of the best bits from other phones / operating systems and combined them. If they have done it well, as Apple typically do, then it should be a pretty nifty OS. So, yes, as much as you can be about a phone operating system, I am a excited!

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