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I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a mobile.  It almost seems strange to think of a time when you had to agree to meet at a given time, in advance and just get there on time!  There is part of me that almost misses those days since they have now just been replaced with lots of frantic ringing and texting trying to get hold of someone who is still, ultimately, late.  Typically of course, they are stuck on the tube: you know they’re stuck on the tube, there are reported delays on their line and the phone continually goes straight to voicemail.  Regardless of this though, you’ll just keep on trying to ring – not that whomever you’re meeting will call you the moment they can!

What annoys me the most about mobile phones is the obsessive nature that comes with them.  Most people ultimately become obsessed with their phone at some point or another.  I do it, especially now I have unlimited internet access on my phone I will check my emails all the time, even though I just checked them 10 minutes previously at work.  Now, occasionally I do have another email but it’s rarely that important.  In fact, of recent it has generally just been an email from someone in my rowing squad chatting about the colour of visors we should get or the fact that the aforementioned visors will make their hair stick up!  It’s even worse when people have a backberry too because work ‘on the move’ is even more obessive.  I swear 50% of middle managers must now leave work early (or normal time for the rest of us) because they can still do work on the train or at home.  (One could ask what managers actually do if they can do most of their work via email, but I shan’t go there in this particular blog…)

The thing that got me thinking about this is an article I read on this morning about people texting whilst they drive:  It’s so true and it really aggrevates me.  I see it a lot less now living in Hertfordshire, but I remember the countless number of times Sam and I would be sat in traffic on the A4 and could see people chatting on their phone or texting.  Worse even still was when you saw people doing it on the M4: four lanes of traffic going at 80 mph and texting – what kind of idiot thinks that they are a good combination?!  I suppose it’s just the ‘high pace’ nature of the UK now, but serious people – are any of you really that busy??  Is getting in touch with a friend or colleague 5 minutes sooner than if you had just pulled over really worth someone’s life?

Enough with the serious stuff, but ARGH, it gets me so angry.  I swear this nation is full of incompetant fools sometimes…

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