My new favourite thing: border-radius

Yes, this is a geeky web by related post I’m afraid. I have made a few adjustments to the look-and-feel of my website over the weekend. One of the things I have changed is the contrasting colours on the header and footer (I think it looks pretty good – hope you all agree). However, Sam made the very valid point that with square corners, it looked a bit blocky. A year or so ago, I had investigated rounded corners but the only way to do that was use images. I am not a fan of using images for that sort of thing because you have to test on everything to ensure it looks good. So, I abandoned the idea. However, when I googled it this morning, it seems I am now very behind the times because as part of CSS3, you can now do rounded corners automatically using the new css function border-radius. Cannot believe it has taken me this long to find it – feeling a bit silly! Anyhow, the new styling has been implemented across the site and I’m pretty chuffed with it – the littlest changes can make the biggest different!

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