Nervous about nursery

Tomorrow is a big day for H and I, not that she’s aware of it of course. Tomorrow she starts her settling in at nursery. I’m not going back to work until mid January but after a friend had some issues with her son at nursery I decided to start her a little earlier just to try and remove some of the going-back-to-work stress. Unfortunately it means that I have to deal the separation anxiety now – my separation anxiety not hers!

2015-12-07 21.39.49
Lamby at the ready in the nursery bag. Just waiting for the coat and gloves I need to sew labels in to!

I remember doing a cursory look at nurseries straight after New Year when H was just an ever-growing bump. Then I remember going back to look at a couple when she was 4 months old. Putting H in to nursery seemed so distant then, I couldn’t imagine it happening. Yet here we are and it’s emotional not only because it means I have to be away from my little girl, but it also means my Maternity Leave is coming to an end. I know it’s the right thing for us – she’ll enjoy the interaction and hopefully thrive as a result and I know I want to go back to work. Unfortunately it doesn’t stop me from feeling a bit sad that H and I have reached the end of her ‘newborn era’.

Babies pick-up the mood of their parents though. If I am feeling upset, angry and anxious I can see a change in H’s mood. So I have tried not to think about it too much today. I want to make sure, as best as I can manage, that when I walk through the nursery doors tomorrow she gets positive and happy vibes from me. After I have handed her over I can then go and distract myself with a cup of tea and Christmas shopping! If she’s anything like her friends she’ll barely notice I’ve gone…

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