Really, why are girls toys pink?

I was browsing twitter after tea just now and procrastinating from writing my end of year blog (it’s voluntary and for my own benefit but yet still I put it off!) when I came across an article which referenced something that intrigued me; What the article (‘No Girls Allowed‘ – I didn’t make it through the whole thing but what I read was interesting) referenced was a video of a young girl in the U.S. named Riley who, faced with a ‘girls’ aisle full of pink in her toy store was forced in to a rant about, effectively, gender equality.

The video is only a minute long but is absolutely worth a watch. Whilst the film itself is two years old, the situation is still the same today. It begs the question, if a four year old is asking why we have ‘Girls Toys’ and ‘Boys Toys’, why do we have them?!

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