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I think most people who know me would agree, I do love a bit of tech.  I like gadgets, I love the internet and getting and sharing as much information as I can.  But then there are days when the thought of going near a computer gives me a headache.  The thought of trying to get all of my appointments in my phone makes me want to hide in a corner.  Even for me, a massive fan of everything electronic, there are days when I just want to go AWOL from all things tech.  So, this prompts me to ask, if I can feel this way (which means most other techies do), how much further can we go with converting our media streams to digital forms?

It has been many years since letters were the primary source of communication between people.  Even during my year abroad in Spain, quick and regular contact was made via email.  However, in 2001/2, my friends and I did still write to one another about the less time dependent things – random letters with snippets from day to day life.  There is none of that now.  Even that has moved to email and you no longer expect an email reply within a day or two.  People will reply when they are ready.  Moving on from that, we have online videos, online cards, and now, with the release of Flipboard, we have digital magazines.  And Flipboard isn’t just any kind of digital magazine, it personalises itself using your social networking contacts, to get information relevant to you.  Now isn’t that amazing?  It would be impossible for me to get hold of a single magazine which gave me information on technology, astronomy, rowing, cooking and gardening!  However, in order to get Flipboard you need an iPad which, okay you could just sling in a bag, but it’s significantly heavier than a magazine, will get upset if you use it as an umbrella and, oh, will set you back about £395 more than a magazine.

I suppose what I am getting at here is that. having been sat on my computer for about 2 / 2.5 hours now, I am in need of a break.  When I say break, I mean a long break.  I am intending on going downstairs and getting a cuppa and, errr, reading a book or magazine.  So, whilst all of the developments in media streams are great, I just don’t think human beings are physically equipped to deal with continual technology exposure yet.

I had better go.  I am getting a headache!

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