My Top 10 Online Reads #9

Top10OnlineReadsWelcome to my monthly feature in which I share some of my favourite online articles for the month. I read a lot of blog posts and articles online and whilst I share a lot of them through tweets, it’s easy to miss them and hard to come back to them at another time. This is a list of my top ten reads for the month, a mixture of formal news articles and blog posts. Enjoy!

One: This plus that equals…how I manage stress

I can cope with a lot but every so often it will all get too much and stress hits me like a slap in the face. It happened again in mid-January when an injured Sam, a sick Little H and extra work at home pushed me too far. I have some go-to methods of calming myself and managing stress. Any Way To Stay At Home‘s post covers most of my techniques and more besides. Worth a look for when you hit a low moment.

Two: 12 Weeks of Motherhood

I really enjoyed this read from Diary From Day Dot because it so beautifully sums up how we change during those early weeks with our first child. I remember feeling similar things when Little H was still a small!

I took this hours post birth in disbelief it was MY daughter!

Three: Why we shouldn’t reward children for good attendance at school

Little H isn’t at school yet but this post from The Mum Reviews still struck a chord. I read more and more these days about parents being scored and children being ranked on everything. I think it’s great to encourage perfect attendance. But there are circumstances where absence may be unavoidable. Plus it’s short sighted to encourage a child to go to school when they are unwell as it just prolongs illness and infects everyone else.

Four: My toddler controls my life

I love Squirmy Popple‘s posts – they are always so funny and yet weirdly accurate. This one is completely on the money and is exactly like my life. Little H, for the most part, rules the roost. I try to retain control and she’s not allowed to do whatever she likes. But her routine, her food needs and her entertainment needs take precedence. And even I didn’t want them to, the shrieking and tantruming would ensure they did these days…

I sat and watched this because it wasn’t worth the fight!

Five: The Millennial Question – Millennials in the workplace

This is actually a video from a guy called Simon Sinek who is a motivational speaker / consultant. I enjoyed how he explained the challenges of having millennials in the workplace; both from the perspective of companies responding to their needs and of millennials having unrealistic expectations. I really related to it as both a millennial and someone who works with a lot of people in this category and ‘Generation Z’. Since becoming a working mother, I feel I have finally found balance. But this still made me think about some of my behaviours, how those I work with behave and the messages I do / don’t want to give to my daughter.

Six: We Do Not All Have To Shine

This post from New Forest Mum is fantastic. I read it at the start of the new year and it was exactly what I needed to get myself in the right frame of mind. I’m all for ambition and striving towards a goal that makes you happy. But too many of us chase goals we’ve inherited from society’s expectations and they don’t make us happy. It felt like a really fitting post to follow the millennial video too…

Seven: This Is Why Parents Are More Exhausted Than You Think They Should Be

I want to sleep as peacefully as this puppy again…

I’m not sure how I found this particular Huff Post article but it’s awesome! I don’t expect sympathy for my parenting struggles. But I would appreciate a little empathy and understanding. Just because convention says that my daughter should sleep through once she’s weaned, it doesn’t mean she actually sleeps through regularly even at the age of 2. So next time a parent-friend or colleague is looking a little world weary, give them 2 mins to get a cup of tea and take a breath. That’s all!

Eight: The High Street Abduction

I was in two minds as to whether to share this article because it’s not happy reading. But it hit me so hard that I concluded that I need to. Reading about what happened scared me to my core and made me oh-so-aware of how quickly something could go wrong. I don’t mean to scare and the situation this covers in so rare that statistics aren’t tracked. But it still just gave me a reminder about why I am vigilant in public spaces. I’m just relieved that everything turned out well in the end.

Nine: Is flexible working biased against non-parents?

I have always been an avid supporter of flexible working rights for all, not just parents. I feel it even more passionately as a part time working mother and feel like a bit of an odd ball for working a short week. It’s disappointing to read that many people feel negatively about flexible working parents because they feel they don’t get the same opportunities and have to pick up the slack. The proportion of non-parents also taking up flexible working options is sad reading.

Ten: Why Mums in 2016 are so Effing Stressed Out

Because Mummy doesn’t have enough to do…

This post from Mum Project is something I book-marked ages ago but that got lost in my Pocket reading list. I am so feeling this post. I’m sure parenting is always hard, but I can’t help but think when I was a toddler, my Mum probably just went to bed early and read a book rather than blogging whilst chatting on Twitter and WhatsApp whilst pretending to fold washing in front of the telly.



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