Top 5 reasons why going back to work is great

I’ve done the nerve-wracking, stomach-churning reasons why I am not looking forward to going back. Now it’s time to call out the good things, the things that will encourage me to skip out the front door in the morning. Because let’s face it, full time child care involves dealing with one of the less flexible demographics in society (Try asking an 11 month old to wait 2 minutes for the bowl of fruit they’ve just seen you get out the fridge…).

Here are my 5 reasons why going back to work is awesome:

  • 1. Your lunch is all yours: I’d love to meet a parent that doesn’t have to tear bits off their lunch to give to their offspring to avoid lunch time strops or to make sure something gets eaten. It doesn’t even matter if you’re eating the same thing: MUMMY’S IS BETTER! Oh to sit down and just eat my own food, even if it’s a hasty 5 minute sandwich;
  • 2.Your day is your own: Well within your strict, childcare dictated arrival and departure times. And subject to the meetings other people book in to your calendar. But still…hot cup of tea whenever you want (/ can hastily grab one between meetings)!;
  • First week back

    My first week back – sort of free…

  • 3. No more random temper tantrums because you want to use your own phone: Unless you have a really obnoxious colleague who thinks it’s appropriate to take their co-workers technology, at work your phone should be safe from being snatched out of your hands. Of course temper tantrums as a whole aren’t ruled out in any environment, but with an adult it is 100% acceptable to just completely walk away;

    2016-01-11 10.33.47
    This phone case was a fave toy when I used it – just the case, not the phone. Once I replaced it, it wasn’t as good because it didn’t have the phone… #confused

  • 4. Your brain gets a workout again: Adult conversation! Problems to solve other than ‘How do I get them to eat their lunch?’ or ‘Oh my god, how do I get the nappy off without getting excrement all over everything?!!!!’. Enough said.;
  • 5. No overly lively, jingly musical tunes for 10 hours: Aside from one November day about 6 years ago when I had the misfortune of sitting in a desk at the other side of the wall from a meeting room where our new company Christmas Ad was being previewed for 2 hours, I’ve never gone mad due to music on repeat at work. At home these days it’s a very different situation; One of our current top tunes is from a plastic Fisher Price lunch box:

    “When you’re hungry have some yellow cheese;
    A red apple, just say ‘Please!’;
    A purple sandwich and orange juice too;
    So many colours, just for you!”

    Yes I know all the words so well that I can’t get it out of my head some days. Whilst H is at nursery though I sometimes, just sometimes, start singing a proper song in my head!

    2016-01-11 10.22.12
    It may look friendly but it’s a source of mental torment.

     (That toy is actually one of the least annoying.)

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