Twitter vs Facebook – which is best?

We watched ‘The Social Network’ again on Friday night (see our Shorties on Revado) and, despite reminding me that I disagreed with some of the Oscar nominations, it also got me thinking about Facebook vs. Twitter again.  It is a topic I have pondered over many times and I think over the last 6 months my view has actually changed.

Like most people, I joined Facebook first; I was invited or lured in by friends.  I don’t like to miss out on things!  At that time, I didn’t understand the purpose of Twitter.  However, as social netowrking has evolved, I have grown to appreciate Twitter more and have grown more and more infuriated with Facebook.  The reasons for me are this:

Twitter is a forum for making a statement or sharing a piece of information.  Others can share it or acknowledge it, but it is not a platform where response or acceptance is expected.

Facebook is quite the opposite now.  More and more people put cryptic status updates on Facebook which are literally screaming for someone to ask "What’s wrong?" or "What do you mean?" or throw sympathy at people.  It is also used for sharing good news in the same way, but somehow that annoys me slightly less.  In fact, I have no issue with blatant complaining – it’s the cryptic messages begging for attention which make me want to remove people as friends sometimes.  Perhaps the reason it annoys me the most is because there is a little part of me wanting to ask the questions myself.  But, I refuse to let myself ask those questions and stop myself from posting status updates that might be read in that way.  What morals I have! 🙂

I had a quick read online about this and views seem to be similar.  This article on Network World is a fairly high level view, but rings true with some of my opinions.  I like this article on Twitip more though.  It summarises quite nicely the pros and cons of both sites.

Of course, the irony of all of this is that I still check all of them and do so regularly.  All social networks quickly become addictive and I find it hard to give any of them up.  If I had to choose though, I think I would let Facebook go first – although not forever you understand…!

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