A fitness failure and time to fix it!

Back at the end of March I was keen to start getting fit again. For a couple of months I managed to exercise routinely and my fitness started to improve. However, as the summer wore on and we started trying to sell the house I just lost my motivation and broke my, already fairly loose, routine. Now we’ve moved and the new house feels like home, I’m really feeling the physical and emotional effects of not exercising (and by that I mean some proper cardio work) every day. I’ve decided it’s time to sort that out.

I’ll readily admit that for about a year before I got pregnant with H, my fitness regime had slipped quite dramatically from my rowing days. I was managing to still exercise a few times a week though. That coupled with some fairly fast-paced walking on my commute, my fitness was still above average. I feel far from that now, even though it’s probably not as bad as I think. Regaining fitness after having H has been harder than I expected. However if I don’t establish and embed a routine now, I’ll never manage to keep anything up when I’m back at work!

2015-10-14 14.19.02

Fortunately the new house helps me out a bit with this. Now we have more space, we are able to leave both my erg and Sam’s turbo trainer set-up permanently in the conservatory without it being completely blocked. This means that when time permits, jumping on the erg or bike is much easier than it used to be. There is also more space for me to use my kettle bells without fearing I’ll throw one in to the TV*.

I suspect one of the reasons my training attempts have not been so successful over the last few months is that the fitness DVDs I have been using don’t give me the cardio workout I’m used to. So I need to start getting back to what I know, what worked in the past. I also need to be realistic when doing so as old training techniques tend to resurface old training habits.

Self-discipline aside, I’m not quite sure yet how I’m going to stick to this. In the past a physical, written, training diary has already helped me with both scheduling and following-through with training. Perhaps that is something to try…

*I’ve never yet thrown a kettle bell when swinging them but I wouldn’t dare say it will never happen!

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