A long overdue running update

I am almost two weeks in to my running ‘regime’ so felt it was time to update the world on progress. I am semi-ashamed to admit that I have not diligently stuck to the plan. However, for the most part, there has been good reason.

So back at the Jubilee weekend, I did a 45 minuter. That particular run stayed with me for about 3 days – a combination of not regularly running that distance and still being battered around from the accident. I still had good intentions to run again that week but I had not expected going back to work to tire me as it did – walking home every evening for those three days, I felt like I could have slept on my feet. Needless to say, I did nothing other than eat dinner and rest.

My good intentions were still there though and I scheduled in a run for the Sunday (10th). This was thwarted by the fact that Sam had organised me a surprise birthday party at the club on Saturday night (which was brilliant fun). So Sunday was spent pottering around the house after a late night, which I enjoyed every minute of!

Monday night saw me finally pop on those running shoes and hit the road though, with Sam as a running buddy. We did just over 30mins with about 16 mins of intervals in the middle. Despite not really running, Sam kept pace the whole way so we were both quite happy with ourselves. It was piddling it down top, but we still went out! I then did another run on Wednesday night. Not quite sticking to schedule, I ducked out of Thursday’s because I was tired again and we were away this weekend so I didn’t have he opportunity to run.

So, onwards to this week, we are planning to run tonight and I will probably do a second run later in the week. To mix it up a bit, I might go on the cycling trainer one day – I need variety and am still not ‘feeling’ the running. I will honestly admit that I am really missing rowing right now. The weather is pretty atrocious but a lot of my club were racing over the weekend and seeing pictures of the medal haul and the smiley faces, I was filled with the need to race!!!! But such is life, so to try and aid the recovery I am going to try and get in touch with the work physio this week. Maybe she can work miracles…

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