August Training: routine, food diaries and a pesky cold

I have been back training (properly) following my bike accident for about 4 weeks now, with my ‘renewed’ motivation to train plus Olympic inspiration meaning that I have been really trying to focus on getting in to a solid routine (training every day 5 – 6 days / week) to carry me through the winter. Whilst my arm is fully functional again, I am still building-up my weights, so I decided to mix a bit of swimming in to my schedule to help focus on upper body strength and endurance; this has the added benefit of both ensuring I am cross-training and being something I can do near work so that on ‘later’ days I go home knowing I am done.

As a result of both injury and generally slackness on my part, my erg splits are really down on where I would want them to be, so I have also being doing some work on the blasted machine all rowers hate. For August, I was just really working on re-building my stamina. As we approach the start of the new season it will be all about endurance for head races so I need to get used to the distances. My last 30min r20 wasn’t amazing but it’s only about 180m off my PB (doesn’t sound like much to a non-rower but really is a bit gap to close). I need to do some more work there.

The final area of focus throughout August has been on my diet, from two angles really. For starters, I did a 2 – 3 week food diary (something I often do) because I feared I had become a bit devil-may-care about what I was eating. It was not as bad as I feared, but I was eating a too much of the wrong thing rather than too much full-stop. I have been trying to cut-back on the bad food since – it acted as a harsh reminder that you do have to control your diet carefully when you stop training! Again, it was not all as a result of my arm injury. but that didn’t help because I was eating more during my earlier stages of recovery. It was also clear I was not getting enough protein which is critical for energy and muscle recovery (which I will have to do more and more of over the coming months). The last fortnight has been a real focus on trying to lose some excess body fat and get a better protein intake so I am less reliant on carbs for energy.

Of course, plans were scuppered this week by a cold. It didn’t properly hit until Friday night / Saturday morning but I had been feeling the effects earlier in the week (although didn’t understand this until the weekend). Whether it has come on as a result of my recent changes or, more likely, I have just caught something from work, I’m not sure. Thankfully it is almost gone, having shown it’s full colours right in time for the Bank Holiday weekend – at least I am recovered for work :s

So, with only a few days until the end of the month, focus is starting to shift the September plan. I haven’t got it clearly mapped out yet because I am waiting for a squad meeting later in the week but without going in to detail it will be endurance and strength. This translates to long low-rate power ergs and weight sessions. I love it really, don’t I?!

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