Blog Post 12-03-2010

Bloody British Airways.  In fact bloody trade unions.  BA Unite members have announced strike dates because they and BA exec have been unable to reach a deal.  This would annoy me on a normal week, but this time I am sad to announce the strike dates impact me.  I am not happy.  BA say they will do as much as they can to keep things running as normal, but details of what will / won’t run won’t be known for a while.  So there is now a period of uncertainty.

I don’t agree with trade unions.  I’m sure that they have a valid case some of the time.  It never feels that way when they do their press releases though.  It feels more like they are holding the company or the customers to ransom.  Take the tube strikes last year – most commuters interviewed on TV, and people I spoke to personally, actually didn’t want TFL to back down.  In the middle of a recession, sometimes people demand too much.  Okay, we are just out of the recession now but still.  Of course, my opinion over BA strike differs to the TFL one because, to be frank, people can walk from most places in London to their destination, or to a bus stop.  Sadly people can’t walk across the channel or atlantic.  Striking on trains messes up a few working days.  Striking with air lines ruins peoples holidays.

Anyway, seeing this news early today destroyed some of my adrenaline buzz which I have in preparation for 8s head tomorrow.  I’m not sure why, but I am excited about tomorrow – this never really happens with me and racing.  Especially when the race involves hauling yourself down 7.5k of the Thames in a crew that has never actually rowed together as a complete unit (due to last minute changes).  However, we will all be wearing matching Crew Room Visors (in Navy/White) to go with our usual All In One (AIO), and if the sun shines enough for shades we’ll look pretty damn cool (despite my pastey whiteness!).

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