Blog Post 14-03-2010

So, yesterday was the Women’s Head of the River Race 2010 (WeHoRR) and unlike the doomed Fours Head, this event went ahead and had moderate conditions!  We had a very last minute crew change due to illness (Thursday) so it was the first outing of that line-up, with a new stroke none-the-less.  We boated from Civil Service which was busy with lots of crews and a really good atmosphere.  Our start position was 85 and we went off quite well, taking AK’s crew at 84 quite quickly.  We took 82 near Hammersmith too.  Marlow (87) started to take us somewhere near Chiswick Eyot but didn’t come through us until we had just gone under Hammersmith.  Birmingham Uni (88) also had a good go until their stroke girl lost her rigger near the Black Buoy!  Very odd!

Our finishing position was 102 – a little disappointing except an awful lot of crews in the 200s finished in the top 50, pushing everyone down.  The winners were actually crew 217 or something like that!  Our time wasn’t too bad though comparative to the winners and last year.  Also, 10 strokes in to the race, something hit the boat and took off our fin, so Andy our cox had a difficult time steering.  I didn’t really notice which is impressive.  More interesting was, when we took the boat out, we had not only lost the fin but had a severly bent rudder – so the fact we completed the course was impressive in itself!  We will never know how much time that damage cost us; we can only know it would have been better than it was.

Overall it was a good day though – despite being a long one.  I was in the truck with Sarah and Bex and we left the club at 10:30am and didn’t have the trailer unhooked until 8:30pm!  Yawn-a-rama!  Sam and I grabbed dinner at the pub and the watched a Jonathan Creek, during which I fell asleep.  The truck outing was fun though – I have never done it before but it was interesting to go along and help.  Also, Bex kept us amused on the ride, point out several exciting highlights (two of which we had never seen in real life): 1. lots of allotments near Civil Service, 2. a dog with one of those dog ‘wheelchairs’ for it’s back legs and 3. a van for ‘Police Horses’.

So, today I have been vegetable-ing around and chilling out.  Sam went to his parents for Mothers Day so I chose to stay at home.  He dropped me in town and I did a bit of shopping and got very hot and tired on the way back (although at least the sun was warm!).  I also got my long awaited chocolate eclair which I had wanted back around Fours Head!  It was yummy.  Oh, and speaking of the sun – the crocuses are out so spring is definitely here – hurrah!

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