Bye-bye Saturday lie-ins!

Yes, I am happy about it because I am going back rowing next weekend – hurrah! On Tuesday it will be seven whole weeks since ‘the incident‘ and by the time I push-off from the bank it will have been eight weeks since I was last in a boat. EIGHT WEEKS!!! I have not been out of a boat for that long since I returned to rowing 5 years ago after my 2 year(ish) break. It has been quite a shock.

The return is quite timely though because I am the verge of getting used to the Saturday morning lie-ins (by lie-in, I mean 8am-ish of course – we are not ‘sleep ’til noon’ people, oh no.) and that is a dangerous thing. We have passed the longest day now so I need to get the routine bedded in again before the mornings get dark, else it just gets more painful!

I have been making the arm work hard though and have done double-erg this weekend as well as some upper body pump and boxing yesterday. Discovered last week that I was starting to get back-ache in my upper back which I can only attribute to having not done any upper body exercise for so long. Me-no-like weak shoulders and have some work to do to get the strength back there.  Boo.

On the plus side, I am almost back on the water and just as the regatta season comes to the close. It is disappointing that I have missed the best part of the season for racing but this is period where everyone is having some downtime so I can use the next few weeks to catch-up ready for head season training.  5ks – woo :s

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