Can you ever train enough for it to stop hurting?!

I am back in the regime of winter training again. With that comes tired and sore limbs and the continual feel of fatigue, all for racing success (or at least surviving the courses!). I was having lunch with a friend on Tuesday and, after the usual work rants, she asked how training was going. On Monday night we were working on ‘power drives’ on the erg and in the boat, so on Tuesday, I won’t lie, the top of my legs were in some discomfort, especially when climbing stairs. Whilst relaying this ‘gem’ of information, my friend then said “You do a lot of training, it amazes me you can still me in so much pain. Do you think you can ever train enough for it to stop hurting?”. Good question.

So, on Tuesday I did a kettle bells and weights session. This further added to the pain. Tonight I did my routine 30 min, rate 20 erg. I already have heavy legs and I suspect that I will be taking the lift tomorrow. So, I gave my friend’s comment some thought. I think, from my amateur point of view, it all comes down to muscle recovery. So, I think that there will always be some pain when you train hard, because when you train hard, you will tear your muscles. But, the key is recovery time and the more you train and the harder you train, the better and quicker muscles can recover. I found this interesting article on – it says that you need to allow your muscles at least 2-3 days to recover, more than that if you are a beginner. Of course, the sub-title of the website is The Art and Science of Building Lean Muscle Mass
and An Awesome Physique for Men Over 40
– so not quite my group… There must be something about this on Concept2

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