From rower to runner, well for 4 weeks at least

As I mentioned in a post last week, I had a bike accident on the way to work last Tuesday.  A week on, I am feeling quite positive about the whole thing; Obviously I would prefer it had never happened but in the grand scheme of things, it could have been significantly worse.  Obviously, suffering from an arm injury, that keeps me from my beloved rowing until the start of July at least.  Even then, I will need to get back on the erg to get some strength back in my arm before hitting the water.  Despite the erg not being my most favourable past-time, I would love even to be able to use the erg right, but such is life so in the interim, I have turned to running!

I am not a natural runner, but I have always seen it as a personal hurdle so one positive of my accident is that I have 4 weeks to focus solely on running to see how much I can accomplish and how it changes me as an athlete.  There are numerous sites / apps out there for planning training but I decided to give MiCoach by Adidas a go.  I set-up an out-of the-box ‘Race 10k’ programme (a distance I have never done but think is a realistic goal for me in 4 weeks) and all that was left to be done was run!

I did my first run this morning: 45mins.  Normally I will do about 5k which takes me approx. 30mins so it was odd being out for that bit longer.  It is also apparent from run profile that I am not that good at controlling my pace yet – but I am hoping that will come in the next week.  So, stay posted for more running updates.  Will it ever replace rowing in my blood?  Doubtful, but I am hoping I will learn to enjoy it more at least!


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