Hydration and fatigue, but I love it really!

The first thing I have been trying to tackle in my nutrition ‘review’, in part because it is the easiest, is hydration. It hasn’t involved any radical changes, but just a slightly more diligent approach to my drinking. I was already quite good at remaining hydrated, but less so at drinking close to and around my training sessions.

The most crucial change I have made is taking an additional bottle of water in the car on my way of training. It is just water but something for me to sip on the way there and the way home. That means I am routinely taking squash with a pinch of salt for my training beverage (supposedly a good substitute for commercial sports drinks, although I need to look-up a proper recipe). Often on the way home I would get a headache because of dehydration but the last week and a half I haven’t: so far, so good.

Generally though, with the introduction of twice-weekly weights, my body is feeling the fatigue. It’s not muscle wrenching aches, but just an under-lying weariness. During my swim today, I could feel I was using a lot of my energy supplies to keep going. But, this is the purpose of this winter (and specifically UT) training, so hopefully I will slowly adapt and recover better and also see the benefits. Until then, I am making sure that eat plenty to keep the energy topped-up; my appetite is certainly coming back.

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  • I’ve started drinking the same Home made replacement energy drink and it seems to work for keeping going longer but like you I go to the gym and can do a really mean workout in the morning but then suffer from a real world weariness later – but I don’t feel hungry (although I often reach for sugar to deal with the lethargy). I guess this is all about eating the right thing at the right time for speedy recovery? I often feel I can tackle another gym or erg session but it is the everyday ticking along, working etc where the tiredness seems to bite (ig that’s the right phrase!) will be watching for more of your blogs on this:)

    • Have you started eating more carbs since your R&R diet review? Sounds like you are not eating the right thing before or after. It takes time for energy stores in your muscles to build-up so you need to eat some decent carbs in the morning before a session. If I train in the afternoon, I always grab a snack before I head home to eat on the commute (depending on my hunger level it will be a banana and / or chunk of baguette). After exercising, you may not feel hungry but need to eat anyway; typically they say to take on protein and carbs within 45 mins of finishing to replenish energy and aid muscle repair. You should eat even if you don’t feel hungry!

      Do you have a HR monitor? That is always good to give a rough indication of calories burnt so you know how much to take back on (of course weight sessions burn more calories over time but it’s just a guide). Also, have you tried using apps / sites like MyFitnessPal to track your food intake and see proportion of carbs to protein to fat? You are reliant on whoever enters the food but my proportions are supposed to be about 55% fat, 30% fat and 15% protein…

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