Is it really possible…

…to work, commute and train to be an even half-competitive rower?! (For those from the rowing fraternity, I am targeting WIM1 levels of competition.) I suspect it is the time of year but, 8 weeks in to the new season with a structured training plan, my belief is wavering. My resolve and focus are still there (although often hidden behind a mask of tiredness and confusion) but I do question what is achievable.

Of course, this is by no means me saying I am quitting or cutting back or anything of that nature. In fact, the competitive part of me sees this as the next mental hurdle I need to jump (the first being the first 5k of the season, obviously!). Nothing tests your focus and commitment to the cause than when you get in after over an hour of travelling (and cycling home in the pouring rain) that chucking on your all-in-one and pounding out an erg or lifting 10-tonne kettle bells. Okay, my weights aren’t that heavy, but you get the idea!

On a serious note though, I suspect there will be a limit. With over 2 hours of commuting along with the working day (equating to just short of 12 hours out of the house), there will be a limit to how much training is manageable, especially during the winter. Last week was quite stressful for work and I was feeling physically worn out too. But, so caught-up in my routine was I that I had to be instructed by two people to have a night of rest when I was almost asleep on my feet on Thursday. I did rest and I was better for it – I reminder that sometimes a rest is, er, the best.  Again, you get the idea!

But, I shall continue on with the plan – next week moves to HIT so a break from the erg of doom! – and see what difference it has made by the next 5k and Fours Head – the thought of both make me shudder slightly even several weeks away 😉

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