It’s been so long…

It feels like forever since I last wrote a blog entry and looking back to my last one it’s actually been over 2 weeks!!  I’m rather ashamed of myself; very poor blogging on my part.  However, on the plus side, the cold mentioned in my previous entry is now long gone and I have no started my new vitamin campaign to try and boost my immune system :o)

Everything is going fine and dandy at the moment.  Rowing is going okay – we’re currently in training for Women’s Head of the River Race on 1 March.  My last two outings haven’t technically been too good though and it’s frustrating me a lot because I can see all of my faults but just don’t seem to be able to correct them.  One of our coaches brought a video camera down yesterday and it really helped to see some of the things I am doing wrong.  Today is the first Sunday I have felt properly achey since I started rowing again though and my poor handies are very sore today too!

Work has been irritating me a bit recently, so I shan’t talk about that much.  I don’t feel like I’m really at my best at the moment, but in part don’t feel like I really have anything to do which will allow me to demonstrate it!  I’m hoping it will pick up in the next few weeks, but I seem to have so many half day meetings and days out of the office that it makes it really hard to get anything done.

But enough of this depressing talk, it has been a lovely weekend and the sun has finally been out for longer than a mere few minutes.  I had all the windows open this morning to air the house and I have also managed to get loads of washing done (load 3 is currently drying!).  So, on that note I shall be off to have a cup of tea and then help Sam finish scrubbing the fire place clean!  ¡Hasta Pronto!

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