London 2012 – the reason we’ve watched Le Tour de France 2013?

The last few weeks, Sam and I have been enjoying the Tour de France (TDF) highlights on ITV1 every night at 7pm. Sam was the person to record it and initially my interest was low. But after a few nights, I was as interested as him. Quite quickly we started to recognise the riders, their approaches and tact-ticks. We cheered to see Froome doing well and boo-ed Contador’s often reckless cycling.

In past years, we would see the TDF on TV and groan. It always seemed so dull and uninteresting. One could indeed say that about every sport but 5 hours of cycling – how exciting can that be? Admittedly, as I watch the live coverage of the final stage right now, the ‘padding’ they put is rather mundane, but when they put the cycling shots on it’s all interesting again.

What I find myself wondering is whether events such as the TDF are more interesting because of the Olympics last year. I wrote a post last year about the influence the Olympics had on me and I feel that my interest in the TDF is a result of that. Last summer I watched a broader array of sports than I had in my entire life. Since then, there has been a lot more sport on TV and we have watched a lot more of it. Sam has generally been more ‘in to’ his cycling this year too. But there is probably a slight Olympic influence in that too.

I hope a lot of other people have been influenced like we have. There is so much skill out there which provides both entertainment and inspiration. Whilst there are many other ways human beings can achieve, seeing people push themselves to their physical limits only serves to motivate, whatever one’s ambitions. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt for the nation to continue to become more active. On that note, I made a deal with myself I would erg…!

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