Re-finding my fitness – 4 weeks in

So it’s 4 weeks since I posted about my plans to try and get my fitness back. It has been an interesting month trying to build a new routine; Trying to schedule exercise in around H has proved quite challenging, predominantly because she decides to do something ‘disruptive’ at the point I try and do something. This morning for example she really tested my resolve by deciding it really wasn’t necessary to go back to sleep after her 5:15am feed. Apparently she has yet to understand the concept of a 7am get-up time. At 11 weeks old, I can’t understand what the issue is here…seriously! Anyway, I was due to go to my second Buggycise class at 9:30am but all I wanted to do was flop on the sofa. I’m pleased to say I did go and I was there 3 whole minutes early!

In addition to starting Buggycise, we have been out walking every day. The weather has been much nicer – not just spring-like but as hot as summer – so it has been really easy to just go out for an hour / hour and a half at a time. With my Fitbit tracking my progress, I’m challenging myself to get over 10,000 steps (an ideally 5 miles) per day. It’s easy to see from my log that I have steadily ramped up my walking since my post four weeks ago.

Fitbit Steps

So, re-visiting my goals from last month:

  1. Daily pelvic floor exercises: More or less. On one or two days I have forgotten until late in the evening and lazily (given I don’t need to move at all!) don’t bother. But I’d say I’ve done them 6.5 days out of 7 ;
  2. Daily walks of at least 30 mins with H in her buggy: YES! Even days when we have been away visiting, I have always managed to get out on a walk;
  3. Daily deep core exercises taking approximately 10 – 15 minutes per day: Not quite. I would say one or two nights each week I have just not had the interest in doing them before bed (usually the best time for me to squeeze them in). But I have been doing them on average 5 days out of 7. Over the last few days I have been trying to encourage myself to just do a couple of sets at least since something is better than nothing;
  4. Some Aerobics, Tone and Stretch exercises on my Davina Post-Natal DVD a couple of times a week: I’ve only managed my Davina DVD twice. BUT, I think Buggycise counts in this category which I have also done twice now. Today I wore my HR monitor and burnt a pretty respectable 467 calories in the 45 minute session. If I can routinely manage this and one other ‘cardio’ activity then I’ll be set.

So, the plan for the next 4 weeks is:

  1. Keep-up the pelvic floor exercises every day;
  2. Do some core exercises every day even if it’s just a set of 20!;
  3. Go to Buggycise every week;
  4. Move from postnatal Davina to ‘normal’ Davina (carefully);
  5. Get back on the cycle trainer.

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