Re-finding my “ooomph” in Peterborough…of all places…

We raced at Peterborough’s Head of the Nene today.  It has been perhaps the most dank and depressing today in ages.  The bleak and bland landscape along the 5k course paired quite well with the freezing fog though.  At least it wasn’t obscuring anything interesting!  We were in a WSen.8+ and, for the first time ever in a race situtation, I was at stroke.  I have been nervous about this since it was confirmed I would be in that seat last Saturday.

Anyhoo, since there was nothing worth watching, Sam stayed at home and I went up with Lou.  It was a really good decision actually because it kept me so much calmer.  Lou said she had never seen me so calm before a race, which is impressive!  We had a good warm-up row to the start (7k overall because the finish is not near the boating) but then had to sit at the start for almost an hour – 30 mins of which was AFTER the start time of the division.  We were freezing when we started.

We started eventually though and my muscles were screaming with cold when we started.  I soon forgot about them though just trying to focus on my rhythm and ratio.  It requires a lot of concentration!  I also had to try and keep passing calls to Will, who was coxing, which required extra thought – rowing AND speaking 🙂

We rowed over at 32spm though and held off a UK Gold crew for 3k – i don’t think they were impressed that it took them so long to get passed us.  I am so pleased with the race – I don’t know how the time went but I needed to reassurance that I could row a distance race in the stroke seat.  Whatsmore, after 4 months of no racing (because stupid Fours Head had to be cancelled), I think I have re-found my "ooomph"!  Whatever miserable conditions surround a race, it’s only a race which reminds you why you bother training.  I want to get back on it big time now – not long until Eights Head.  Bring it on!

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