Taking to the water

On Saturday, for the first time in almost 3 years, I went rowing.  It was really fun!  After my wonderful return to the gym routine in July, I have since lapsed back into mediocre gym attendance with half-hearted effort when I am actually there!  Following a quick trip to the ARA website, which I thought would achieve nothing, I discovered there is actually a rowing club in Broxbourne, only 11ish miles from us!  In fact, it’s one of the only clubs in Herts really. 

Anyway, they do two outings on Saturday mornings (8am and 9.45am) and an outing at 7pm on Monday nights.  On Saturdays they have a tea break between outings and breakfast butties afterwards.  Everyone was really friendly and they have quite a realistic attitude to the sport, appreciating that people have other things in their life as well.  I went out on their second outing of the day and it was tough.  I got back into the swing of things but have managed to pick-up all my bad habits again!  Oh well.  As of Jan though I am going to join up I think – gives me something to do and Sam the occasional bit bit of peace!

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