That was the WEHoRR that was

On Saturday, it was WEHoRR again so we were back down to the Tideway to race. I think, this being my fifth year at the race, it is one of my top events in the racing calendar. This year I was a little less excited in the week preceding the race – despite having a really strong line-up, the crew just did not seem to be clicking. However, last Monday, we had a really good outing with the second crew and it finally clicked. So, by Friday, I was chomping at the bit to take to the water.

We had a pretty solid race with moderate weather. It was quite rainy whilst we warmed-up / marshalled, but when the race started it cleared-up. We set off with some strong crews ahead of us, so we did something less common for us and went on the attack, rather than defending. So we headed off for the crew ahead. As we came through Barnes we were moving through them and we moved on to the crew beyond them. For the first 1/3 of the course, the water was fairly flat, but as we came round through Hammersmith, there was quite a nasty cross wind. By this point we had got through the two crews, but one of them sat-up much better in the wind so we had to sharpen-up and put the power down to retain our place.

Alex, Sarah, Alex, Me, Lou, Helen, Amy, Charlotte, Lizzie in Tasso

We didn’t move ahead much through the final 1/3 of the race, but we did retain our lead against the other crews. We were also making progress on the next crew along, reducing the lead down from 5 – 6 boat lengths down to 2. When we finished, I was exhausted, more so than perhaps in previous years, so I knew I had driven myself really hard. The row back was quite draining!

Results came out later that afternoon and we finished 60th! So, not only did we finish top 60, but moved-up on our starting place (63). This is the best BRC result since the year the girls won the Provincial pennant in 2008 (placing 50th) and my best result in the event. So, we were all quite pleased. We even saw the video evidence of the race yesterday and it actually didn’t look too shabby either! Just have to continue working on the quick square…

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