The week my brain gave up…

theweekmybrainSitting watching TV yesterday evening, I realised it had been over a week since my last blog post. I’m not one of these people who strives to blog to a schedule but I do try and write something new each week. However, over the last week, during the little free time I’ve had, my brain has struggled to function. Fueled on tea I have had a very productive working week, but that followed by Mummy Duties at home have meant that now the week is at it’s end I have used up all energy reserves.

After a good run of several weeks where I have felt on top of things, this week had been a real shock. JaneTheVirgin But it has also been a timely reminder that no matter how organised I am and no matter how much I plan ahead, things come up unexpectedly, or take longer than planned, or just leave you worn out. When that happens you just have to allow yourself some down time. It wasn’t until last night that I actually did that – every other night I didn’t sit down to relax until 9pm. So last night I got some ‘surface’ cleaning done, cooked myself a M&S fish pie dinner as a treat (Sam was out at a work dinner) and the plonked on the sofa at 8pm to enjoy my favourite weekly TV escape – ‘Jane the Virgin’. I had planned an early night but soon realised I actually wasn’t suffering from overtiredness, just brain-drain. So after sitting on the sofa for a few hours, I felt better than I had all week.

The moral of the story: you may have loads to get done, but you’re useless to yourself and all those around you if you reach a point of physical or mental exhaustion. So remember that most things can wait, try to turn a blind eye to the mess and just have a break!

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