30 Days Blogging – Day 6: Something I’m Proud Of

These questions are getting tougher by the ‘day’. I’m not even a quarter of the way through and I’ve hit a tough one:

6. Something you’re proud of in the past few days

I’ve been considering lots of different things in my head and I keep coming back to feeling proud because “H did x” or “H said y”. But they aren’t things I’ve done that I’m proud of, which is what I think the question really means. But sitting down now to write this post, I’ve realised what I’m really proud of sitting here on the sofa, right here, right now. I’m proud of getting through this week!

There are more than enough blog posts around (some of my own) which talk about the hard work involved in being a parent. This isn’t another one of those. But this week was much harder than I thought it would be. We were back at work after our 2 week break. After such a nice time off, returning to the grind was always going to be a bit difficult. But then the weather got hot and muggy. There were train issues which meant my work journeys were not as straight-forward. H kept waking in the night. Sam and I were struggling to sort out our diaries to include some of his work commitments. Every evening from Sunday I felt exhausted with a headache verging on a migraine.

Why my work journeys were bad!

By Wednesday night, I couldn’t summon the energy to do anything other than put H to bed, change into my PJs and watch Bake Off on the sofa. But at the forefront of my mind was the list of chores that I wasn’t getting done; The changes I wanted to make on my blog; The exercise I needed to do. I had planned to mop and became fixated on it until Sam managed to ‘talk me down’ and I just accepted I needed a sofa evening. I was fortunate enough to then get an uninterrupted night and Thursday was a little better.

Always an amusing watch.

Come the weekend, I have shaken-off the bizarre lethargy and ‘headache’ that hit me throughout the week. I have caught up with some chores and – because we are now back in a cleaning routine – the rest of the house was still in a reasonable order. On reflection, I managed to have a very productive first week back at work. And most importantly, H has been extremely happy and entertained on her days at home with me.

So that’s what I’m proud of right now.

How do you cope with weeks like this?


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14 comments On 30 Days Blogging – Day 6: Something I’m Proud Of

  • Sometimes it feels like you need much more than a weekend to get over it. I think acknowledging it’s been tough definitely helps though! #KCACOLS

  • I agree with rainbows – also sounds to me like you did the right thing. You needed a night on the sofa and you gave yourself one. Chores can nearly always wait #kcacols

  • urgh sometimes life just gets a bit much and it sounds like you did just need a night off. I hate that guilty feeling when you can fully relax because you think you should be doing something. I get that with blogging now. some days I just say no – and make that decision so I can relax #KCACOLA

  • I have a had similar week and sometimes a night off is exactly what is in order. It took a migraine for me to take notice of the signs by body was giving me too! Hope you feel better this week x

    • It’s crazy that it takes so much to make us stop isn’t it! I’m certainly feeling a bit better after the weekend. Hope you have a better week too (and definitely no migraines)! Thanks for reading and commenting x #KCACOLS

  • I go back to work tomorrow after 13 months off and it’s going to be hard. My housework will have to take a back seat as i wont be getting home till after 7 p.m #KCACOLS

    • It will be hard so you’re right to prioritise. I went back in Jan after 13 months off too and it’s only in the last couple of months we’ve got back on top of things at home too. Hope it goes well and just be kind to yourself! #KCACOLS

  • I know how you are feeling. I have been spending most evenings after work in front of the laptop blogging and all sorts but finally decided to give myself a break for the last two evenings. I’ve also had to work from home this week which is never easy with the school and nursery run to do and the boys to look after and the house looks a mess but I realised there is only my so much I can do and itsok to let things slide.

    The first weekhack to work after two weeks off is always going to be tough though!

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again on 1st Oct when the linky opens again x
    Maria recently posted…Piccolo Plates: Children’s Meal Delivery ServiceMy Profile

  • We have struggled getting back into a routine with getting back to school, but things finally feel like they’re falling into place again. Sometimes you just have off weeks. It happens. #kcacols

    • So right. It’s sometimes hard to remember during those tough weeks that you’ll get back on an even keel again. Hope that you’re back in the swing of things with the school routine now! Thanks for reading and commenting #KCACOLS

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