30 Days Blogging – Day 8: My nicknames

Oooh, sharing nicknames is an interesting ask. We’ve all got them and I am no exception. I’m sure I’ve had more than I can remember but there are a few which stick in my mind. In the interests of full disclosure, I’m going to stick to nicknames from my youth or my work. But I think they will be quite enough as they remind me of the brutal streak running through all teenagers!



One of my earliest nicknames used by my Dad. Not exactly revolutionary since my name is Angela. I’ve never really been liked called Angie though; Angie is a name in it’s own right and it’s not mine. Dad was allowed to get away with it though because it was used with affection. Even now he’s the only person allowed to call me that!


Another one from my Dad. My middle name is Jayne (yes, with a ‘y’ – that’s very important) so he’d often summon me by shouting “ayjay” at my up the stairs. He still uses this one too!

Lego Hair


Now this one has a bit more of a story behind it. This comes courtesy of my long-standing friend Carol (we hit 25 years of friendship next year) who despite being a great friend had her ‘moments’ at school. I went to secondary school in the 90s, before the birth of the hair straightener. I have thick hair but it’s was very fine. So my hair is very prone to looking a bit limp unless I style it. I also can’t grow it very long because my hair just doesn’t work once past my shoulders. Back then I also had a delightfully thick fringe. (I’m sure my Mum thought it was cute when I was small but oh my god, THAT fringe was the bane of my life…) In summary, for a large number of years my hair often had a shape not dissimilar to the ‘lady’ hair for lego people.



Another one from my friend Carol (yes, I’m starting to wonder how we remained friends too!). I was chubby teenage. She, in contrast, was abnormally skinny; Not from any eating issues (the girl could and still can demolish plenty of food, especially chocolate). But when we were winding each other up one lunch time, she called me a “hippo” and I retorted that she was a “pole” and the names stuck. In true teenager fashion they were said in jest but touched a nerve with both of us. But as we’ve got older and both evened out in size, we occasionally still use these names as a nod to those turbulent secondary school years!



My maiden name is ‘Cook’ so one of my friends at work used to call me ‘Cookie’. One of the guys in my team who hadn’t known me very long heard Paul call me that and started using it to. By this point my married name was established at work so I asked him if he knew why Paul had called me ‘Cookie’. His response: “I assumed it was because you like cookies?”. That both made me chuckle and frantically replay my eating habits at work since I hadn’t realised I had a biscuit-eating reputation!

Do you have any random nicknames?


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14 comments On 30 Days Blogging – Day 8: My nicknames

  • Aw such lovely nicknames because they each have a nice story behind them. Chuckling away and the ‘I assumed it was because you liked cookies’ comment. Bless! #marvmondays

    • Hehe, thanks. I wasn’t so fond of the school ones at the time but now they make me chuckle. Mainly because they are no longer true 😉 Thanks for reading and commenting x

  • I like the nickname Cookie. My sister in law calls my daughter that and it’s so cute. Thanks for sharing your nicknames and writing a wonderful post!

  • I love how random nicknames can get picked up. I used to be called Meg from family guy and lofty due to being so short haha

    • Yeh, it’s funny how they come about isn’t it! It can be annoying when it’s something you don’t like but people latch on to it. That seems to happen a lot! Thanks for reading and commenting x

  • hahahaha I love lego hair thats brilliant, hippo on the other hand not sure I would be quite so keen on that one. Nicknames are fab aren’t they. I tend to rarely call people by their name, always opting for a nickname…I am sure they love me… Thanks for sharing at #Familyfun x

    • Yeh I wasn’t so fond of the Hippo one either. I wasn’t a skinny teen but I wasn’t that big. My friend was just exceptionally slim. So I guess by comparison.

      Love that you call everyone by nicknames. I do that a lot! My Dad has suffered at my hands the most over the years. For months when I was about 13 I just called him “Man” and thought it was hilarious.

      Thanks for your comment xx

  • My sister is Angela Jane!!! (not with the y though!). Love nicknames. My friend calls me dolly and i love it! My children all have them too – it’s a sign of affection and familiarity so i’m happy for them to stay #FamilyFun

    • Ah I love knowing there is another ‘Angela Jane’ in the world, but that we’ve still retained our uniqueness 😉

      You’re right, nicknames are a sign of affection and I do love them! I was never overly convinced by my teenage ones…but that’s teenage life for you! Thanks for commenting x

  • Awww I like these nicknames! Especially the cookie story that’s funny. Someone at work called me petal once and point blank replied to him saying its Karen, do not call me petal. He was an agency worker and for some reason I disliked him! 😂 Other nicknames were used at school in the name of bullying, let’s not go there! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun
    Karen | TwoTinyHands recently posted…Can I Have the Time Please? Unique Watch from Jord Wood WatchesMy Profile

    • Yeh, I only reflect on those school names because they came from a friend. But they were subtle bulling I guess as at that age you would almost pick on anyone to make yourself feel better. It’s such a tough time! I’m glad I’m through with those days and only hope they aren’t too trying for my daughter.

      Think you did the right thing about ‘petal’! I only tolerate nicknames from those who know me well enough. People you’ve just met should stick to actual names!

      Thanks for commenting!

  • I don’t have any nicknames, love the cookie one x #familyfun
    Jenni recently posted…Blogtober #21 – What am I afraid of?My Profile

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