30 Days Blogging – Day 9: Cravings

I am very prone to craving foods and that’s what I’m taking this Day 9 to mean! Once I crave something, nothing will usually sate my appetite. Strangely during pregnancy I think I craved things less strongly than in my bump-free state! I have been known, on multiple occasions, to make a trip out to get something I really want to eat. Recently I have taken Little H on a walk to get an iced bun from the baker, a vanilla milkshake from Caffé Nero and to Morrisons to buy bags of Veggie Straws so H could eat them and I could pinch some! I have short-term cravings and then I have a couple of permanent cravings


Current Craving: Loacker Coconut wafers


I discovered these Loacker wafers in the cafe in my office. I wanted a sweet snack with a cup of tea but I didn’t want a cake which is the only other offering during the day time. I love coconut and decided to give these a try. They are DELISH! They also sell them in Caffé Nero (but not the coconut flavour in our local) and the vanilla are equally as tasty. They also got the thumbs up from Little H who munched a single wafer (the pack is 8 mini wafers) after a buggy nap!

Current Craving: Crosta and Mollica Grissini Breadsticks


I’ve mentioned Crosta and Mollica in my July Five Favourite Finds post. Back then my craving was the Grissini Breads. Then I discovered the Breadsticks and I got hooked on those instead. Unfortunately my local Waitrose is currently out of stock so I am struggling through and hoping they’ll have them again soon!

Permanent Craving: TEA!


Oh my goodness, I love tea. I luxuriate in my first hot cuppa of the day after breakfast once the tidying-up is done or I’ve made it successfully to work. I’m verging on addicted to tea but on holidays abroad (where decent tea is typically less easy to get hold of) I have coped for a large portion of the day with no major side-effects. There is something delightful about tea – it’s a warm and comforting drink. When I was pregnant I went-off tea. I always wondered how I’d cope limiting my intake but my body took care of it for me. I didn’t miss the drink (it made me feel a bit nauseous) but I missed the comfort and having a hot drink to enjoy in the evening.

Permanent Craving: My Little H

This should be an obvious one. Even when she’s being a little terror, I can’t get enough of that little girl (well as long as she naps and goes to sleep on time!)


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