A Parents Day Out

For Christmas my sister bought Sam two tickets for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the National History Museum. So on Thursday last week – just before the bank holiday weekend – Sam and I took a day off work to go, leaving Mini H in nursery as normal. It’s the first time since the Christmas break where we’ve both had time together without her at least being in the house. It didn’t feel strange because we spend most evenings together, but it was relaxing not having to keep half a mind and ear on H.

Saying ‘Hello’ to Dippy!

Sam dropped H at nursery like normal which gave us a couple of hours of ‘chill’ time at home. We both pottered on our computers and I caught up with the latest episode of my secret TV addiction ‘Jane the Virgin‘ (season 2 had just started again on E4). Then we had a leisurely drive to the station made our way into town, arriving at the National History museum just after 11am. Our entry tickets were for 11:30am and it was wonderfully quiet because it was a working day so we got to really enjoy the photographs. When we went in 2014, I found it really hard to immerse myself in the images because there were so many people.

Sam outside the exhibition

We looked round every inch of the exhibition (although I’ll confess by the end I tired of the captions) and were in there about 90 minutes in the end. By the time we left it was 1pm and rather than trek round to find somewhere for lunch we decided to go to The Restaurant at the museum. They had a set menu for £12.95 for a main, pud and drink. It is also run by ‘Benugo’ so the food was actually really good. I had a veg pizza, brownie and a cuppa (obvs!) and it was really tasty. I didn’t think to take a picture!

The NHM ‘stock’ photo!

After that we walked through Kensington Gardens and through to Hyde Park. Sadly the weather was a bit damp but it was still nice to get the fresh air and have a chat. From Hyde Park we crossed Hyde Park corner and walked up Piccadilly. By the time we reached Green Park tube station we were zonked so we tubed-it back up and got a train back to Welwyn Garden City. We got to enjoy an hour at home before picking up H.

Lovely Hellebore in the park beds

It was a really nice day and it was lovely to have the time together. Whilst I have no worries about H being cared for my relatives, it was also really easy knowing she was at nursery; There was no food to prepare and no need for me to check in because they know her routine and how to adapt it. I think Sam and I will try and have some days like this again throughout the year!

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