Back on top of things…just about anyway!

The radio silence over the last couple of weeks has been because Sam and I were on holiday last week. Then this week we were back at work! The former of these two weeks was wonderfully chilled out – something we both definitely needed. We went to Brownsea Island again and it is so easy to chill out there. Anyone who cannot chill out when staying in a nice comfortable castle (with breakfast, 2 course lunch, afternoon tea and 3 course dinner) on an Island only shared by the National Trust, Dorset Wildlife Trust, a vast number of birds and red squirrels is clearly beyond stressed!

Aside from eating, we did a lot of walking around the island. We went to the DWT to see the birds (lots of success with the water birds but no Nightjar sightings or similar in the woodland hide this year). We also saw lots of red squirrels again – yay! Sam had a better camera lens this year so he got some really good shots:

You can see the whole collection on Revado, as per usual, with one or two of my own stunning shots featuring!

We came home last Friday and, I decided, it was time for a spring clean. Yes, very chilled out I can hear you thinking. Well, sadly, those of us who have deep-down (or often, very blatantly obvious) neurotic tendencies cannot completely relax when there is mess. With no training on Saturday, the time for a full house clean had finally come. And when it was done, life was truly chilled.

So, hence the title of my post. Going back to work with everything clean / ┬átidy / organised / put-away / up-to-date / etc made Monday morning much easier to face (with clothes already selected on hangers…). The only downside to the chilled week-off was Monday proved to be the biggest shock I had suffered in some time! I did ask myself at about 2pm that day: “Was I really working at this pace before my holiday?!”. Apparently so it seems and, you’ll be relieved to hear, I was back-up to speed by the end of Tuesday. You can all sleep easy now.

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