Blog Post 10-02-2010

There are some books which I could just read again and again and again.  I Don’t know if everyone has this ( I feel they must) but there are just some books which I just really connect with, for different reasons; the kind of books I pull off the shelf when I need something to really suit my mood.  The list is actually quite short, but varied.  I shall elaborate below:

1. The Time Traveler’s Wife (Audrey Niffenegger): this has to come top because it us truely my favourite book! I have read it 4 times in the last 3 years (3 in English, 1 in Spanish!) and it is always tempting me to pick it up whenever I see it on the shelf.  Whilst the overall context is a bit bizarre, the book is generally about the relationship between two people-joy, pain, success, loss.  The ‘human-ness’ of the story is really apparent and I find the characters so easy to relate to.  It is almost like going back to friends!


2. The Harry Potter books (J K Rowling): (in pref order: 4/6/7, 3, 1/2, 5) yes, they were originally written for kids BUT they aren’t written in a childish style and do have an adult sub-text which makes them so easy to read and really enjoyable.  Unlike many series of books, I can read these all back to back (usually skipping 5 because it’s a bit long!) without getting bored.  Perhaps it’s because they remind me of being kid, perhaps it’s because they are an easy form if escapism.  Whatever, I love them!


3. Blood Over Water (David & James Livingston): it would be wrong for a rowing book to not appear in my list!  This one always attracts me because it combines the love/hate obsession of rowing with a very personal story of a relationship between two brothers (and their friends and family).  The stories of their training and how they push themselves always motivate me to train harder and push harder.  However, the tale of their relationship serve as a reminder to me not to get too carried away.

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