Christmas comes, and goes, but once a year.

So, after waiting for what felt like weeks (and was actually weeks) for the Friday 23 December to arrive (signalling the end of work for the Christmas break) Christmas has gone by in the blink of an eye. Now, we still have until January 3rd off work, but time off always goes quicker than time at work (except when there is a deadline looming!). I know there are plenty of reasons people have given for this cruel trick of nature, but explanations aside, it’s still rubbish! However, there are still plenty of days to go until the dreaded return to work* and plenty of fun to be had!

So, without looking forward (because my summary of the year and New Years thoughts are due in the coming days), I shall reflect back on Christmas 2011. This year, there was no big present that I wanted but I got some cool little things: some L’Occitane goodies, an amber bracelet, ‘The Accidental Adventurer’ by Ben Fogle, a book on the Ancient Egyptians (a grown-up one but still with sufficient pictures!), the latest (and final) Harry Potter film and a recipe book for Whoopie Pies, amongst other things. But the coolest gadget I have seen this Christmas is one that my Mum got my Dad:

The iCade: iCade + iPad = old School Atari fun

The iCade is a console which you put your iPad in and, with a special application, some purchased games and a bit of bluetooth config, it becomes a miniature arcade machine full of Atari games. Eeek! Much excitement. It really is a blast to the past, especially after a failed attempt to re-connect the SNES. SNES emulators are now being investigated…

*I would like to be clear that I have no objection to going back to work because of my job – I like what I do for the most part and the people that I work with. My complaint is with going back to work ‘in general’ because it’s a times like these that we all dream the dream of just having money to do as we would please 😉

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