¡Cuidado libro Español, voy a leerte!

I have been a bit slack at working on my Spanish over the last, erm, few years. It’s something which I know I can call on if I need to but, frankly, it has got a bit more rusty than I am happy about. I feel very fortunate to be able to speak a second language to a level of moderate fluency and always feel guilty for not given it the attention I feel it deserves.

Before Christmas I pulled one of my unread Spanish novels off my shelf with the genuine intentions of reading it. Sadly all I have done is read the title numerous times (it’s called ‘Nunca Olvides Que Te Quiero‘ if you are interested (‘Never Forget That I Love You’)). So, tonight I have decided I am going to break in to it and tackle at the very least page 1! Anything is a start and I know I will pick-up the pace once I start. I am just hoping that by sharing this, it guilts me in to seeing it through. ¡Verémos!


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