30 Days Blogging – Day 2: All about my blog name

So, my blog name. I’ve had my blog for almost a decade (since 2007). Over that time is has grown from being part of my website to the core of my website. Once H was born I started using it more and more as an outlet for my thoughts and experiences. But it was also mine and a reminder of my skills beyond Mummyhood. I started to engage more frequently with parenting linkys on Twitter too. But at the time, my website was named after me: angelajwatling.com. I didn’t feel like other readers, especially parents, would understand what my blog was about. So after Christmas 2015, I started thinking about renaming it.

There are so many cool parent blog names out there. I wracked my brains to try and think of something equally as good. But months passed and I couldn’t think of anything. Then one day out of nowhere, I suddenly thought about ‘The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy’ and ‘The Question’: What is the answer to life, the universe and everything? So from there, ‘Life, Motherhood and Everything’ was born. It took me a few weeks to really take the plunge. It’s a long name and that put me off a little bit because my domain name is obviously equally as long. But the name stuck in my head and I knew that I wouldn’t think of anything else I like as much!


The name really does sum up my blog well. I don’t tie myself to blogging about anything in particular. The majority of my post are around parenting or my life and family. But I have blogged in the about my development efforts, technology in general and other topics such as cookery and the environment. It means I can legitimately chatter on about whatever I life still!


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